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Advising meetings are via Zoom.  Once you sign-up for an appt you will be sent a Zoom link within 24 hours of your scheduled meeting time. Please use our General Advising links to meet with us to discuss any challenges you are facing or any questions you have.

As a leader of a campus organization, you may face challenges that prevent you and your organization from being successful. Our office is dedicated to providing the tools and resources for your organization to be successful at UCI. We are always happy to meet with organization leaders to assist on a variety of topics, such as event planning, liability waivers & insurance, funding/fundraising, on-campus resources, constitution reviews, policy interpretation, etc. You can meet with our Peer Advisors or with a professional staff member.

High-Pressure Groups

Some UCI student organizations and events are affiliated with outside groups. While the vast majority of groups may be helpful and beneficial to you, some may use high-pressure tactics to recruit students. The information below can help you make an informed, free choice about associating with such groups.

Why are high-pressure groups so harmful?

  • They tend to isolate you from family, friends, and other groups.
  • They may ask you to give up control of your thoughts or decisions.
  • They may focus on guilt and shame.
  • They may promote crises with school, your career, or your social life.

What are the warning signs of a high-pressure group?

Ask yourself these questions: Does the group or its representatives:

  • Speak in a derogatory way about your past religious affiliation?
  • Describe your parents as unable to understand or help you with religious matters?
  • Label your doubts and questions as signs of a weak faith?
  • Invite you on a retreat but can't (or won't) give you an overview of the purpose or activities before you go?
  • Insist that you spend so much time with them that you can't get your studying done or you don't have time for your other friends and activities?
  • Pressure you to get others involved in the group?
  • Discourage you from keeping in touch with your family and friends or not allow you to talk to your friends or your family alone?
  • Deflect questions you ask about their group and tell you they'll answer your questions later?
  • Claim to have the answers to your problems and that you can't find answers anywhere else?
  • Pressure you to give them money?

Answering "yes" to one or two questions doesn't mean that a group is destructive or harmful, but it does mean you should proceed slowly and investigate the group more carefully.

General Advising

Staff advisors provide support and guidance to your organization, its leaders, and its members on a range of topics from student organization policies and processes to conflict mediation, officer transition, fundraising, and recruitment.

Schedule Meeting | Darlene Esparza

Schedule Meeting | Jasmine Ambriz

Schedule Meeting | Kathy Dong

New Organization Advising

Mandatory Advising Meeting (20 mins) to discuss in further detail the goals of your organization and how our office can support the organization in being successful. Note: ALL signers MUST have attended a New Organization Orientation before the Advising MeetingALL signers from the organization must attend the Advising Session. Signers must coordinate to schedule only one meeting as a group.

Schedule Meeting | Darlene Esparza

Schedule Meeting | Jasmine Ambriz

Schedule Meeting | Kathy Dong

RCO Consultants

RCO Consultants can help answer your organization's questions. Advising topics include funding, outreach, retention, room reservations, event planning, temporary food permits, meeting facilitation, and more!  

Schedule Meeting | Kayla Briceno

Schedule Meeting | Elvis Kwong