UCI Campus Organizations

COOL Orientations

Section 1

The Campus Organizations Online Learning (COOL) Orientation is MANDATORY for all signers and provides information about the Office of Campus Organizations & Volunteer Programs, registration requirements, policies that pertain to campus organizations, liability and insurance, and campus resources. For more information email campusorgs@uci.edu.

Section 2

The Food COOL Orientation provides information about how to properly handle perishable food items on-campus such as how to properly cook meat and how to keep food at the correct temperature. This orientation is optional, but required if your organization would like to obtain a Temporary Food Permit to sell or distribute perishable food items on-campus. For more information about handling perishable foods you can email foodsafety@uci.edu.

Section 3

The Student Center & Event Services COOL is an online training that provides organization leaders with information about booking meetings and events through Student Center & Event Services as well as tools to plan safe and successful events. This orientation is optional, but is required if your organization plans to make reservations through SCES. For more information call 949.824.5252.