UCI Campus Organizations




Can we sell things on campus?
Yes, as long as they are in compliance with the fundraising policy (see section 42.30). Selling commercial products on campus (i.e. Jamba Juice, bottled soda, energy drinks, etc.) is prohibited. In addition, all funds raised must go back directly to the organization. Contact Student Center & Event Services at (949) 824-5252 for more information.
I have seen organizations sell food on campus -- how can I do that?
Temporary food permits are required when serving perishable foods (e.g. rice, pasta, beans, etc.) at an event. Only authorized signers can apply for a temporary food permit and reserve space on Ring Road. To apply for a temporary food permit, please complete the Health & Safety's Food Safety e-learning course. Should you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Environmental Health & Safety Services at (949) 824-6200. Food sales are limited to five events per student organization per quarter.
How can my organization(s) get money for its programs?
You can apply for funding through the Campus Organizations website by submitting a Funding Request Form. The sources of funding include Associated Students University Of California (ASUCI), Multicultural Programs Committee (MPC), and the CORE Fund. Additional funding sources include The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) for sustainable and green campus projects, and Student Initiated Academic Preparation (SIAP) funds for outreach programs/events.
How can my organization(s) get money for office supplies and operating expenses?
Many funding boards fund campus activities, however office supplies and operating expenses should come from the organization's budget. Fundraising is always an option (see section 42.30) for the campus policies regarding noncommercial fundraising by campus organizations.
How can we receive tax-deductible donations?
Many campus organizations are asked for their "tax I.D. number" when establishing bank accounts, receiving funds from businesses, or accepting donations. Sometimes it is assumed that the University of California tax I.D. can be used, but this is not true. Remember, you can be an organization "at" UCI, but you are not a UCI organization. Some groups may be able to use the tax I.D. of their national organizations and should make inquiries from their national headquarters. In some cases, presidents or treasurers have used their personal tax I.D. numbers (Social Security Numbers), but this is not recommended. Obtaining a federal tax I.D. number for your organization is online now! Visit the IRS website and search for the EIN (Employer Identification Number) process. An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and can be used by your organization. Please note that you may still have to provide a Social Security Number to obtain an EIN. This is not recommended, and you may be able to apply for an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) to use in place of a SSN. Check with the IRS website on how to complete the ITIN process.


Where is Student Life & Leadership (formerly known as the Office of the Dean of Students) located?
We are located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center South (above the E-Sports Arena) Suite G308.
What is Student Life & Leadership?
Student Life & Leadership supports the intellectual, personal, social and professional development of all students. We offer educational and leadership opportunities that enhance academic success and will result in learning outcomes that will prepare students for their future roles in a diverse, dynamic, and global society. Student Life & Leadership (formerly known as the Office of the Dean of Students) areas and Centers are: Greek Life, Leadership Programs, New Student & Leadership Programs, Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity, Campus Organizations & Volunteer Programs, Cross-Cultural Center, International Center, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center, and Veterans Services. Visit Student Life & Leadership at www.studentlife.uci.edu for more information.
How can I get involved with existing organizations?
Search for an organization by name or keyword on the Office of Campus Organizations website. You may then contact the clubs you are interested in to inquire about meeting times and any upcoming events.
How many Registered Campus Organizations are there?
The number of student organizations at UCI is always growing as new student groups register every quarter. There are currently over 600 organizations on campus. To see a full list of groups, please visit the campus organizations website.
What campus organizations exist on campus?
Search the Office of Campus Organizations (COVP) website for a complete list of registered campus organizations with information provided by the organization's members.

Marketing and Publicity

Can we get mailing labels, emails, or contact information so that we can send announcements to students during the school year?
No. Student Life & Leadership no longer provides this service to Registered Campus Organizations.
How can we distribute literature?
Information and guidelines for publicizing, advertising, and distributing information on campus is available online or in Student Life & Leadership (formerly known as the Office of the Dean of Students). Refer to the UCI Campus Policies (42.20) for the Policy on Posting and Distribution of Literature.

Org Operations

How can we pay for our Student Center & Event Services reservation bills?
Authorized signers who make reservations for their registered campus organizations will have three options to pay for reservation fees incurred during an event:

1) Authorized signers may pay their organization's reservation fees through Student Center & Event Services prior to the event with cash or check made payable to the Regents of the University of California.

2) Organizations may pay with their ASUCI Club Account by obtaining SCS # (bring your Student Center & Event Services reservation to the ASUCI Business Office. ASUCI will connect your reservation number to a SCS# and Student Center & Event Services will send the final invoice to ASUCI instead of the authorized signer who made the reservation).

After making the reservation with Student Center & Event Services, the authorized signer must go directly to ASUCI to request a SCS#. If this process is not completed within one business day, the authorized signer may be billed through their individual Zot Bill account. Reservations on Zot Bill will incur a $.50 processing fee. In addition, if the balance is not paid within 30 days, a $20.00 late fee will be applied and may potentially affect an individual's enrollment in courses and financial aid. If the authorized signer does not pay up front or through ASUCI, the individual will be billed for the reservation directly to their Zot Bill. Authorized signers should contact Student Center & Event Services at (949) 824-5252 or visit their office on the 3rd floor of the Student Center (above the West food courts).
Can my organization use the UCI name and logos?
The name "University of California" is property of the state. No person shall use this name or any abbreviation of it, without the written permission of the Regents of the University of California. Campus procedures for approval of use of the University name, insignia, and unofficial seal are published in Section 700-02 of the UCI Policy and Procedures Manual. However, according to UCI policy section 41.20, a registered campus organization may include "UCI"; in the title only to indicate location affiliation. (CORRECT USE: Anteater Stamp Club @ UCI. WRONG USE: UCI Anteater Stamp Club.) You may include acronyms or abbreviations for your campus organization.
Should we have an advisor?
It is highly encouraged that campus organizations avail themselves of a faculty or staff advisor. Inquire with Student Life & Leadership for more information or assistance on how to secure an advisor.
What kinds of things should an advisor do and not do?
Each organization should meet with their advisor at the beginning of the year to determine expectations of the advisor. Please remember that an advisor provides guidance to the organization. An advisor should not: vote in the organization's matters, be a supervisor to any of the organization's leadership, attempt to reserve venue spaces for the organization, or hold an office within the organization. An advisor should not unduly influence decisions of the organization.

Off-campus advisors affiliated with neighboring organizations must remember that the group is a campus organization for the University of California, Irvine.
Can we affiliate with an off campus group?
Yes. Several campus organizations associate with different types of off campus groups such as non-profits, commercial companies, social organizations, etc. While it is fine to do so, it is also important to be aware of the type of role the off campus group will play in your organization. We also suggest that the leaders of your organization should be clear about your relationship and expectations of one another. You should note that if you co-sponsor an event with an off-campus group, you may incur higher costs for renting space on campus for your event. Please visit Student Center & Event Services for more information about reserving space on campus.
How do we change our organization's official name?
Campus organizations can only change their name during the registration process that occurs once a year.
Our organization's leadership has changed. How do I change my authorized signers?
Any authorized signer can add/remove signers in person or via email. In your e-mail you must include the following information for ALL signers you are adding and/or removing:

1) First/Last Name

2) UCI E-mail

3) Organization's Name

4) Position/Title (if they have one).

Send this e-mail to campusorgs@uci.edu. Once a signer has been added, the NEW signers will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to complete the process online. If a signer is removed they will be notified via email. Please be sure to discuss signer changes with ALL authorized signers before making a request. **If requesting changes through e-mail please allow 3-5 business days to process your request.
What kind of behavior constitutes hazing? What is wrong with hazing?
All registered campus organizations annually renew their recognition of the University's anti-hazing policy by having their authorized signers comply with the Anti-Hazing Compliance registration form each year and at the time of officer transition. This policy applies to all groups. Incidents of hazing should be reported to Student Life & Leadership (formerly known as the Office of the Dean of Students). Hazing is a felony in the State of California. Hazing is against the rules and regulations of the UCI Campus Policies. If individuals are found guilty of violating these rules, they may be expelled permanently from the University. Organizations that participate in hazing functions are subject to permanent disassociation from the University. The future of the organization will be in jeopardy if members of the organization participate in hazing. Hazing is a threat to life and personal safety and is a violation of the rules of common decency. Hazing is outmoded, antiquated and thoroughly unacceptable. It is a custom that has no place in our University. You can also visit the Office of Student Conduct's website for more information on filing hazing reports.
Can we get a mailbox for our organizations mail?
Yes, recognized campus organizations are eligible for a mailbox. Please email campusorgs@uci.edu to request one. Any mail that is being sent to our office on behalf of your organization should be addressed accordingly:

Name of Your Organization

c/o Student Life & Leadership

G308 UCI Student Center

Irvine, CA 92697-5125

Please check your mail weekly or at least once a month. Mail boxes are emptied and any mail that is not picked up is recycled at the end of every quarter and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Can we get a website and email address?
Registered campus organizations are exclusively eligible for services that include e-mail set-up, website hosting on a UCI Server, mail list services and MySQL accounts. For more information or to apply visit this website.
How can we get business cards?
Each organization has the option to purchase business cards if necessary and must purchase them through their own organization's funds. Although there are many choices in the area, FedEx is located across the street from campus in the University Town Center.
Can we open an off campus checking account?
We highly recommend that your organization keep its funds on campus through ASUCI Club Accounts. It's free and their office is located on campus. Keeping your financial accounts on campus helps with transitioning officers, and the account is not tied to a person's personal Social Security Number or name. Be sure you're following campus policies (see UCI Campus Policy 70.00 and 40.00). While organization signers may decide to open an off campus checking account, authorized signers of Registered Campus Organizations must also sign and comply with the Financial Responsibility Agreement found when completing the registration process of your organization.
Visit the ASUCI Website for information on how to open an account and make check or reimbursement requests.
Can our officers be paid?
No. Any funds raised must go back into the organization's account. Please note that registered campus organizations must follow the University of California Policies applying to campus activities, organizations, and students in all financial matters and accept full responsibility for all activities that bear the organization's name as an official sponsor. Policies can be found online on the Student Life & Leadership website.
Can we be selective in our membership?
Groups are allowed to be selective in their membership and establish their own membership criteria, e.g. minimum GPA, but you cannot discriminate based on protected groups such as race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer related or genetic characteristics), ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or service in the uniformed services. Certain groups (e.g. Greek Life) may be selective in their membership based on gender as defined and stipulated in Title IX. Organizations and their authorized signers sign and agree to comply with the University of California Nondiscrimination Policy. This certification shall override any language to the contrary in the organization's bylaws, constitution, or other documents. This also applies to any local, regional, national, and international chapter constitutions or bylaws of an organization. All Authorized Signers of organizations are required to sign the Non-Discrimination Agreement.
How do the Principles of Community apply to our group?
As stated in the UCI Implementation of the UC Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students: All who work, live, study, and teach at UCI are here by choice and, as part of that choice, should be committed to the Principles of Community. The Principles of Community is an ideal statement, not a policy. A complete version of the Principles of Community may be found here.
Can we get addresses of campus VIP's?
Student Life & Leadership (formerly known as the Office of the Dean of Students) does not retain a VIP list for campus organizations. Most campus addresses can be found on the UCI Campus Directory
Our group is religious/spiritual in nature. Is there anything different we have to do because of that?
No. Please note that membership selections must be consistent with the Nondiscrimination Policy. Also, your organization may or may not be eligible for certain funding boards for funding of religious events.
Can anyone be an officer in our organization?
All officers must be currently enrolled UCI students or current staff/faculty, or as outlined in your organization's constitution.
Can we decide who can and cannot attend our events?
Yes, however, if you are receiving funding from the University for a specific program, the program must be open to all UCI students. If your organization is paying for the event for only its members, then you may choose to limit the people invited to the event.
Can I sign a contract?
You may sign a contract; however before signing any contract, it is advised to see the Director of Campus Organizations for advice on liability.
Are there any resources available to help our organization or its leaders?
Campus Organizations Peer Advisors are available throughout the academic year to serve as a resource for you and your organization. You can contact them at the Office of Campus Organizations & Volunteer Programs located on the 3rd floor of the UCI Student Center South (Room G306). For further information on more opportunities on how to develop and grow as a leader you can visit the Student Life & Leadership website at http://www.studentlife.uci.edu.
What is the difference between being an officer and an authorized signer?
Every student organization is allowed up to four authorized signers. Authorized signers are the individuals that Student Life & Leadership (formerly known as the Office of the Dean of Students) recognizes as both financially responsible and liable for the actions of their organization. These four individuals have the ability to make facility reservations with Student Center & Event Services, the Cross-Cultural Center, Bren Events Center, and Campus Recreation, etc. Only currently enrolled UCI students can be authorized signers for a student organization, not alumni, on or off-campus advisors, faculty or staff. Faculty and Staff organizations may have faculty or staff members as authorized signers. An organization member does not have to be an officer to be an authorized signer. However, at least two of the four signers must be executive officers of the organization (i.e., President/Chair, Vice President/Co-Chair). Visit the Authorized Signer web page for more information. Contact Student Life & Leadership with any questions or for more information.
What is a financial signer?
All signers have financial responsibility and also have access to their organization's funds through ASUCI. However, you may also designate a specific signer to be your financial signer. For more information about club accounts, please contact ASUCI at (949) 824-5547.
How can I provide proof that my organization is registered to someone off-campus?
Often times a third party (off campus banks, non-profit organizations, etc.) will ask for organizations to verify that they are an officially registered organization on the UCI campus. This type of verification can be provided through a letter of authenticity.You can request a letter of authenticity from the Student Life & Leadership Office in person or via e-mail using your UCI email address. If you are e-mailing a request, please be sure to include the following information,

1) Your Name
2) Your E-mail
3) Your Phone Number
4) Name of the Organization you are a part of

and send it to campusorgs@uci.edu. Please allow 3-5 business days for the letter to be processed. You will be contacted once the letter is ready for you to pick up from our office. If you are requesting a PDF version of the document, please indicate so in your request.
You can view a sample letter of authenticity here. Please note that this is NOT an official document and can not / should not be reproduced or manipulated.


How can we reserve space for meetings?
As a registered campus organization you can use UCI facilities for meetings and events, including the Student Center, plazas, grass fields, Ring Mall, classrooms, etc. Reservations for most venues can be made through Student Center & Event Services and must be done by an authorized signer of the organization. Before reserving space with Student Center & Event Services, your organization is required to complete the SCES e-learning course. Student Center & Event Services can be contacted at (949) 824-5252 or via email at reserver@uci.edu. For all other venues including but not limited to the ARC, Bren Events Center, Cross-Cultural Center, etc. please contact the specific department directly.
How can we get a table on Ring Road?
Contact Student Center & Event Services at (949) 824-5252 if you have questions about making outdoor reservations. Reservations will need to be made in-person by an authorized signer of your organization. Before reserving space with Student Center & Event Services, your organization is required to complete the SCES e-learning course. Their office is located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center A311 (above the West food courts). They are open Monday-Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm.
How can I learn what other clubs exists so that I can identify some possible co-sponsors for our upcoming events?
Please visit the Campus Organizations website to do a search of all registered campus organizations with descriptions and contact persons for each group.
Can we have alcohol at our events?
Yes, pending approval from Student Life & Leadership (formerly known as the Office of the Dean of Students) and Alcohol Beverage Commission (ABC). Registered campus organizations must obtain a temporary alcohol permit and have it approved by Director for Campus Organizations in the Student Life & Leadership Office (G308 Student Center). Alcohol may only be served at catered events in accordance with UCI Policies and Procedures, Sec. 900-13: Policy on Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages . It is the responsibility of the department or organization coordinating the catered event to review these Policies and Procedures with their caterer of choice. Please note that in order to obtain a permit, the majority of the attendees must be 21 years of age or older. California State Law and the California Alcohol Beverage Commission restrict caterers who do not possess an alcohol license from selling or providing alcohol to a client. In most cases, the Approved Caterers at UCI do not possess this type of license. For more information, contact Student Center & Event Services at (949) 824-5252.
Can we hold events off campus?
Yes. However, when holding an event off-campus, your organization is not covered by University insurance. We highly encourage your organization to purchase insurance for off-campus events depending on the risk of the activities.
If we hold events off campus, who is liable if something goes wrong?
Potentially the organization's signers, individual members, advisors and any other organization the group may be affiliated with, such as a local or national organizations, may be liable. Just because an event is not on campus, does not excuse the group from adhering to campus policies. In fact, a student club may face judicial procedures on campus as well as off campus depending on the severity of the violation. For more information on liability and how you can purchase insurance for off-campus events visit http://campusorgs.uci.edu/liability.
What if an activity we want to do is risky (travel, physical activity)?
If there are any questions about the event, contact Student Life & Leadership at (949) 824-5181 to make an appointment with the Director of Campus Organizations or to speak with a Campus Organizations Peer Advisors. Also, it is advised to purchase event insurance if it is applicable to the event. You may also want to consider administering waivers, which are available at the Purchasing and Risk Services website.For more information on event risk management and how it affects your organization's activities, contact Purchasing and Risk Services at (949.824.6516).
Can we have amplification or amplified sound at an event?
Yes, but there are limitations to venues, level, time, and duration of the amplified sound. Please see the Guidelines on Use of Amplified Sound. Here are the basic steps:

1) Reserve outdoor space at Student Center & Event Services (A311 Student Center)
2) Guidelines on Use of Amplified Sound
3) Download the Amplified Sound Request Form
4) Turn in the request form to Student Center & Event Services. Submission of the Amplified Sound Request Form does not guarantee you will be approved for use of amplified sound.
Can we have social events at any time?
When planning events on campus, you should consult with Student Center & Event Services.
Where can we have a dance on campus?
Because there is a variety of locations and venues available to hold dances, please contact Student Center & Event Services. Dances sponsored by UCI registered campus organizations and held on the campus are primarily for the participation and social enjoyment of organization members.
Can we have a protest event on campus?
As a public institution, the university strives to uphold your organization's right to protest and ability to freely express viewpoints, thoughts, and ideas. We encourage you to work closely with our office in order to insure a safe and effective event. As a starting point, make sure you are aware of the campus policies related to protests, demonstrations, and free speech. Please see the General Guidelines and Policies Related to Use of University Property and Free Speech.
What are the rules regarding preparing and selling food ourselves?
Temporary food permits are required when serving perishable foods at an event. Only authorized signers can apply for temporary food permits and only authorized signers can reserve space on Ring Road. To apply for a temporary food permit, please complete the Environmental Health & Safety's Food Safety e-learning course. Do not take the UCI Safety Training Self-Assessment. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alan Sahussanun at asahussa@uci.edu or (949) 824-0155.
If I spend money, can I get reimbursed?
It is not recommended to spend money without prior approval from your organization. However, your organization may reimburse you for certain purchases with prior approval and proper receipts.


How do you start a new club?
Registering a new organization requires you to have at least three student signers in order to be recognized. Signers will also be required to complete the COOL Orientation and pay the $50 organization creation fee. More information on registration can be found in the Registration tab in the navigation bar.
If there is already a club that exists with a similar purpose, can I still start a new one?
While we encourage organizations with similar purposes to consider consolidation, we allow groups with similar purposes to be recognized as long as there is a clear difference in organization purposes/missions.
How much does it cost to register?
There is a $50 registration fee for all organizations. Re-registering organizations will have until the last day of instruction for Fall quarter to pay the registration fee.
How can we pay for the registration fee?
All organizations have the option of paying in-person at the Student Life & Leadership Office (G308 Student Center) by cash or check only. Checks can be made payable to UC Regents.

Organizations that are re-registering have the additional option of paying with an active ASUCI account as long as there are sufficient funds in their account to cover the fee.

Additionally, if an on-campus department is paying for your organization's registration fees, they can fill out the Departmental Recharge Form and inter campus mail it to the Student Life & Leadership Office (Zot 5125). You may also bring this form to the Student Life & Leadership Office.
What privileges do registered campus organizations receive?
As a registered campus organization at UCI, your organization has many privileges including access to advisors, funding boards, leadership programs and events, liability insurance coverage for your organization with the University of California Office of the President, and access to many campus facilities and services. Registered campus organizations also have access to the COVP Office (located on the 3rd Floor of the Student Center G306), Poster Room (which also houses organization mailboxes) and email and web server space. Organizations are encouraged to take advantage of these services to contribute to their success and improvement. See our COVP Webpage for more information. *Please note that some of the resources have fees associated with them*.
Do we only have to register our organization once?
Every organization is required to re-register their organization every year beginning July 3rd up until the last day of instruction for Fall quarter.
How do I re-register as a recognized campus organization?
Starting July 3rd, 2017 re-registration will be available online at the Campus Organizations registration website. Already existing organizations will submit their re-registration form online and pay the $50 re-registration fee in person at Student Life & Leadership (formerly known as the Office of the Dean of Students) using check or cash only or by using an active ASUCI account.
Why do faculty and staff signers have to register their organizations in the faculty/staff category?
We hope that faculty/staff organizations can be clearly distinguished from student organizations in our "search" system so that interested faculty and staff can find such organizations.
Why are we unable have both students and faculty/staff as authorized signers for the same organization?
Student Life & Leadership would like to clearly define which organizations are led by students and which are led by faculty/staff. If your organization has mixed faculty/staff and students as officers and members, we would like to encourage student development by having students take responsibility of the group and register as authorized signers if they wish to register as a student group. Faculty and staff who play a large role in the organization might be better suited to serve as an advisor instead of an authorized signer for a registered student organization. This delineation between the roles that students and faculty/staff play in registered campus organizations will help Student Life & Leadership understand the demographics of our groups and provide resources and advisement accordingly. Faculty and staff members who wish to have authorized signer responsibilities can register their organization in the faculty/staff category to be recognized as such.
What resources are available for faculty and staff organizations?
Registered faculty and staff organizations enjoy most of the same benefits of registration as all undergraduate and graduate students. Exceptions include inability to apply for funding from funding boards that are student-fee based. Although registration for faculty/staff organizations occurs with Student Life & Leadership, UCI's Human Resources and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) serve as advisors and resource departments for these groups. Organizations whose purpose serves protected categories (i.e., race, gender, class, sexual orientation, etc.) have an opportunity to affiliate with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity for advisement and program support. Please contact OEOD (oeod@uci.edu) for more information.

Registration Information

Can our organization name be anything we want?
A club's name must meet the following criteria:

1. The name must be significantly different from any other existing organization's name, e.g. Anteater Club and Anteaters Club would be considered too similar but Anteater Society would not conflict with either.

2. If the name includes "UCI", "UC Irvine", or "University of California, Irvine", it must be phrased carefully such as not to imply affiliation with the University or UC system, e.g. "Anteater Club at UCI".

3. Names containing characters other than alphanumeric English characters (A-Z, 0-9) must have an English alphanumeric version for displaying and for administrative purposes, e.g. "Anteater Sixths" instead of "Anteater 6ths"
Formatted Name
An organization's formatted name may have special characters, accents, etc. that may not appear in your organization's official name e.g. "Zot Zot Club @ UCI".
Primary Category
Select a primary category that best describes the type of organization you are and the one that best fits with your organization's mission, values and purpose. Please see below for a list of categories and their descriptions.

You may also select a secondary category to be more descriptive.

Academics and Honors: organization that focuses on and provides support for students within a specific academic discipline. (ex: MAES Latinos in Science and Engineering, Students for Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

Career and Professional: organization provides support to enhance professional and career development skills. (ex: Gates Millennium Scholars at UCI, Accounting Association)

Club Sports: organization in which individuals compete in athletic activities. (ex: Men's Club Waterpolo, Women's Volleyball Club)

Environmental' organization makes an effort to improve sustainability, hosts environmentally friendly activities, and raises aware of environmental issues locally and globally. (ex: PowerSave Green Campus at UCI, Theta Psi)

Faculty/Staff' organization that is primarily comprised of faculty and staff where faculty and staff members hold office, voting rights, and signer responsibilities.

Fitness: organization promotes a healthy lifestyle through physical activities such as running, cycling, group exercise etc. (ex: Hiking Club at UCI, Fitness and Strength Club)

Graduate Student: organization aims to serve the needs of graduate students on campus (ex: Physics Graduate Caucus, Entertainment Law Society)

Fraternity and Sorority Life (formerly known as Greek Life)'locally or nationally affiliated organization that promotes brotherhood or sisterhood'usually represented by Greek alphabets (ex: Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Epsilon)

Health and Wellness' organization promotes a healthy lifestyle through physical activities such as running, cycling, group exercise, etc. and promotes wellness as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. (ex: I.M.A.G.E Image Management Awareness Growth and Education, Health Outreach Allies, Active Minds at UCI)

Multicultural: organization promotes and spreads awareness about their culture in various forms such as teaching about their history, dance, music, hosting traditional events etc. (ex: Brasa UCI, Hmong Student Association, Kababayan, Iranian Student Union)

Performance and Entertainment: organization's activities comprise of performing acts of talent (ex: Jodaiko, Uncultivated Rabbits, Electronic Dance Union)

Creative Arts' organization promotes the use of film, media, and visual arts as a form of self-expression and creativity. (ex: FADA Film Arts Drama Alliance Network at UCI, UCI Snap, Her Campus, Arts for Healing, Anteater Photography Organization)

Political: organization may have emphasis on a political agenda and promote political discussion about relevant societal issues and policies. (ex: College Democrats at UCI, United Nations Advocates)

Hobbies and Interests (formerly known as Special Interest): organization creates spaces to pursue a special interest or hobby. (ex: Juggle Buddies, Super Smash Brothers Club, Dumbledore's Anteaters)

Religious and Spiritual (formerly known as Religious)' organization promotes the practice of a certain belief system or set of values to instill in its members faith and spirituality. (ex: Chabad at UCI, acts2fellowship, Sikh Student Association)

Community Service (formerly known as Service): organization is interested in serving the community on a local, national, and international basis. (ex: Helping Hearts for the Homeless, Global Medical Brigades, American Red Cross)

Peer Support (formerly known as Social/Support): organization is a peer support network for individuals to share experiences and empower each other. (ex: Best Buddies at UCI, Peers for Progress, No Strings Attached at UCI)

Note: All fraternities and sororities please indicate "Greek" as your category to assist with future communication.
Provide your organization's description, including, but not limited to: purpose, mission, values, and goals. Please provide specific examples of the services and programs your organization offers to help differentiate between other similar organizations. This information will be made public on our website so that others may learn about you.
Org Website
Provide your organization's website URL so those looking to learn more about your group will have the link to your organization's website. Your org website will be public information. Please be sure to maintain the site and keep your website up-to-date!
Org Email
Your organization's email address will be made public so that people may contact your organization. If possible, share your organization's email address, not a personal email address to help with transition from year to year.
Contact Person
The contact person's name will be made public so that people may contact your organization. If possible, share your organization's email address, not a personal email address to help with transition from year to year, but be sure to list an officer's name as the contact person.
Contact Phone
The contact person's phone number will be made public so that people may contact your group for organization matters.
Upload your organization's constitution as a Microsoft Word or PDF document. Although submitting constitutions is not required, it is highly recommended. We will happily store and archive your constitution for your organization's records and to help with the transition process from year to year.
Liability Insurance
As a registered campus organization, the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) will provide your club with blanket insurance coverage for your on-campus low-risk events. There are no additional steps to be covered by this policy (for on-campus low risk events). For medium high-risk events (on-campus) and any events hosted off-campus, click here for more information. http://www.mrm.uci.edu/waivers.html or purchase insurance .

Organizations may use any insurance carrier they want. If your organization already has liability insurance with a carrier, let us know by selecting "we have our own liability insurance." Or, if you have insurance through your parent organization (e.g., national, international headquarters, etc.), let us know about that too.
Affiliations (Off-Campus)
Off-campus affiliations or parent organizations are organizations such as churches, national or regional headquarters, etc. that work directly with your organization through development, fundraising, chapter management, funding support, etc. Let us know if you are affiliated with an off-campus entity so that we may advise you on how to best work with them and the University. Please remember that your organization's events are to service the UCI student community. If you plan to co-sponsor an event with an off-campus affiliate, please inform Student Center & Event Services when scheduling this event.
Affiliations (On-Campus)
On-campus affiliations are campus departments such as academic departments or non-academic departments that work directly with or advise your organization on accomplishing its goals and serving its members. Each department has its own requirements for affiliation, so be sure to contact the department directly for more information. Approved academic departments are: Paul Merage School of Business, and UCI School of Law. Approved non-academic departments are: Campus Recreation, Career Center, Cross Cultural Center, Greek Life, LGBTRC (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center), SOAR (Student Outreach and Retention) and Volunteer Programs.
Affiliate Insurance
If your organization affiliates with an off-campus organization (e.g. a local church or a national headquarters), provide the name of your affiliate organization's insurance provider.
Affiliate Name(s)
Provide your off-campus affiliate name (e.g. Autism Speaks is the national affiliate of Autism Speaks U at UCI).
Affiliate Size
Please indicate the size of the affiliate organization through one of the descriptors below:
Local (Orange County or Southern California)
State (all of California)
Regional (Southwest, Pacific, etc.)
National (USA)
International (global)
Affiliate Relationship
Affiliate organizations may help a campus organization with sponsorship and fundraising or provide general guidance to an organization. Please indicate whether your club is a chapter of a larger organization, or if your club has a parent organization (such as a church, community group, etc.). If affiliated with a parent organization, it is important to remember your group is a campus organization for the University of California, Irvine. Your group's leadership administers the mission, goals and programming efforts, not the affiliated organization.
Cross-Cultural Center (CCC)
Organizations can affiliate with the Cross Cultural Center (CCC) but your organization must be multicultural in nature and align in values and nature with the CCC. Please contact the Cross-Cultural Center for more information about the benefits of affiliation.
department, school, program, etc.

Add any other on-campus department that your organization is affiliated with (e.g., School of Social Sciences, Interfaith Center, School of Biological Sciences, Career Center, Athletics, etc.). Make certain you and the on-campus department you listed have an understanding of your relationship with them. Your club's leadership and not the affiliated on-campus department administer the mission, goals and programming efforts.
Your personal UCINetID (up to 8 characters).
Your title or position within the organization (e.g. President, fundraising chair, Co-Chair, Historian, etc.).
Role within the organization:
- Signers are usually the president/chair and/or vice president, or executive board members.Signers must agree to all university agreements and complete the COOL Orientation and will be responsible for upholding the signer responsibilities. Your organization must maintain a minimum of three signers throughout the academic school year.

-Executive Officer (XO) is a signer who obliges to be the first point of contact and representative for the organization.

- Advisors can be on-campus or off-campus persons who help to advise your organization but do not make decisions for your club. Advisors must verify their participation by completing their advisor information with Campus Organizations. This will be emailed to your advisor when you provide their information during your registration process.
First Name
Advisor's first name
Last Name
Advisor's last name
Advisor's email address (off-campus or on-campus email address).
Advisor's phone number
Company or Organization
Company or organization that your club's advisor works for (e.g., a local church, corporation, university campus, K-12 campus, etc.).
Executive Signer (XS)
The Executive Signer (XS) is a signer who is usually the president/chair and/or vice president. The Executive Signer (XS) assumes the greatest responsibility for the organization and has a high-level leadership position. Signers must agree to all university agreements and complete the COOL Orientation and will be responsible for upholding the signer responsibilities.
Signers usually hold a leadership position within the organization, but are not necessarily the president/chair or vice president. Signers must agree to all university agreements and complete the COOL Orientation and will be responsible for upholding the signer responsibilities. Each organization must maintain at least three signers throughout the academic school year.
Advisors can be on-campus or off-campus persons who provide guidance to your organization, but do not make decisions for your club. It is recommended that your organization finds a UCI affiliate to serve as your advisor, such staff, faculty, alumni and/or graduate students. The advisor must verify their participation by completing the advisor information provided by Campus Organizations via email.
Officers are most likely a elected representatives for the organization but are not signers. It is important to provide their information to assist with communication to your organization.
Mailboxes are provided to Campus Organizations but they are not guaranteed. Please check this box if you wish to have a mailbox in the Poster Room (3rd floor, UCI Student Center G Building, G306G). If your organization would like to have a mailbox, please be sure to check your mail at least every two weeks. Mail will be discarded at the end of each quarter.
Secondary Category
Selecting a secondary category for your organization is optional. If your organization has multiple goals and interests then you may select up to two categories to identify with.
Keywords are descriptive words that will help others find your organization if they are wanting to join it or are seeking more information about it. You may have upto 5 keywords (similar to hashtags). For example, if your organization is the Accounting Association, your keywords may be accounting, business, academic, networking, and career.
Social Media URL
If your organization regularly updates a social media site (facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, etc.) with upcoming events or activities in addition to your club's website, please indicate it in the registration process. Remember, your facebook URL needs to abide by the UC organization naming policy. For example, the URL can read facebook.com/chessclubatuci but not facebook.com/ucichessclub
Please indicate during the registration process if your organization or its members work with minors (people that are younger than 18 years old)