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On-Campus Resources

There are many on-campus resources that you may utilize in supporting your organization's operations.

Campus Department Description Links
Multimedia Resource Center

Items you may reserve for free: VR Headsets, Cameras, Digital Sound Recorders, PS3 system, and more!

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Langson and Science Libraries Items you may reserve for free: Laptops, Chargers, Calculators More Info
UCI Archives Document and preserve your organization's history. You may submit things such as photos, meeting minutes, videos, flyers and other memorable items.  Contact: spcoll@uci.edu

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Leadership Assessments

These assessments can allow your members or officers to reflect on their own leadership styles. Use these assessments to discover how your org can work together more effectively. 

Assessment Name Description Links
Clifton Strengths Assessment

The Clifton Strengths Assessment is an online test that is used to find out what you naturally do best, learn to develop your greatest talents into strengths, and use your personal results and reports to maximize your potential. You will get a list of your strengths, and insight on each strength.

The Cilfton Strengths Assessment does cost money to take, but the Center for Student Leadership has discount codes. All of their staff is also strengths certified and has free coaching.

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True Colors The True Colors assessment identifies your primary personality type and helps you understand key social information about you and others who may not be your same personality type. More Info
Love Languages Learn what you love language is and how it can help better your relationships with those around you. More Info
Myers Briggs A type indicator assessment that helps you learn your innate personality type. Your personality type can help you understand how you make decisions and how you work with others. More Info
E-Colors A downloadable app that helps identify personality styles and helps people better understand their style so that they can have better interactions with those around them. The results include the person's communication style and behavioral tendencies which are helpful to know when working on a team.

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Ring Road Stories: A Podcast

Peter Anteater with a podcast microphone

Ring Road Stories interviews campus organization leaders and discusses topics about their journeys, generating diverse thoughts in an open space while exploring diversity and inclusion. This Podcast was developed and produced by our Dream Project Fellow, Marco Ortiz Sanchez.