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New to an officer role? Check out these sample officer guides for tips and strategies to maximize your potential as a leader!


Leadership Transition Tips & Strategies

  • Schedule a Transition Meeting/Retreat
    • Dedicate time for the outgoing and incoming executive boards to meet and discuss the transition of leadership. See handout below with more specific ideas. 
  • Save all your documents!
    • Throughout the year, be sure to save all your notes, documents, and anything that would be helpful to next year's leadership
  • Create/Build upon traditions
    • If you don't already, create a new tradition that welcomes the new board members. Examples can include special welcome messages from outgoing board members, creating a photo album where you can add every year's board members photos in, etc.

Leadership Transition Guide Handout



Your organization must have a constitution on record. A constitution serves as a guiding document of operations for your organization. It is important to have clear information about the organization's transition process outlined in the constitution. This includes your elections procedures, as well as how your organization appoints or removes leadership.

Constitution Template Guide