UCI Campus Organizations

Recruitment & Retention

Section 1

Recruitment and retention are essential in creating and engaging your org's membership! As organization leaders, its important to strategize finding members, but also to keep them coming back! Check out our tips and stategies below. Still stuck? Schedule an advising session to talk with a staff member about ideas and strategies.


Recruitment Tips & Strategies

  • Develop your organization's leadership structure
    • Definte the leadership roles, agree on expectations, make sure your executive board/leadership is on the same page of the direction and vision of your org
    • Determine if a position or team will be responsible for recruitment efforts.
  • Set Recruitment Goals
    • Ask yourselves, what's our target number? Why? Is this realistic? When can we accomplish this? Every organization's target number will be different
  • Make your Values Clear
    • When recruiting new members, have a "sales pitch" your leadership can use. Make sure you're sharing the org's values and what it has to offer.
  • Share your benefits
    • Sell your organization with its benefits. Whether its networking, socials, community service, mentorship, professional development, industry connections, etc. 
  • Use Social Media
    • Build a presence in social media with appealing posts and engaging content. 
    • Follow other campus org's social media sites and encourage them to follow you back.
  • Think about your Target Audience
    • Ask yourselves, who is our ideal member? What are their interests? What are their majors? 
    • What kind of commitment are they expected to have?


Retention Tips & Strategies

  • Schedule Consistent Meetings
    • This helps your members plan around your meetings.
  • Create Welcoming Environment
    • Many people tend to be shy when they first attend a club meeting. Welcome new members, ask them for their name, and get to know them. You can have a board member/committee who can be dedicated with welcoming new members.
  • Ice Breakers & Team Building Activities
  • Hold Social Activities
    • In addition to covering business in meetings, have separate opportunities for members to socialize and engage.
    • Virtual Suggestions include:
      • Online games, Kahoot Quizes, Social Media Challenges
  • Mentorship/Buddy Program
    • Create a mentorship/buddy program where you connect a returning member with a new member. This helps created individualized connections, which make members feel more comfortable
  • Social Media Highlights
    • Feature your members on your social media! You can post photos or even create a member spotlight every week/month, so members can feel that they are valued.

Social Media Tips & Strategies

Instagram page for COVP
  • Assign a social media account manager & create schedule for posting

  • Utilize the highlights tool on instagram to store updates & info

  • Repost events on your page and story; help other orgs by re-posting their events

  • Keep a linktree in your bio to hold the most important links for your organization

  • Always be alert with your direct messages, and try to respond to any and all

    messages as soon as possible

  • Ideas: Member of the Month Spotlight, Story Templates, Board Member Takeover,


  • Graphic Design Tools: Canva, Adobe Suite