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Anteater Involvement Fair

Anteater Involvement Fair 2020

Location: Virtual on campusgroups.uci.edu

Date/Time: Welcome Week 2020 | September 28 - 30

Live Session Windows: 
- September 28, 12 pm -3 pm
- September 29, 4 pm - 7 pm
- September 30, 11 am - 2 pm

Register to Attend Event: http://cglink.me/r788039 

The Anteater Involvement Fair serves as a place where new and current UCI students can learn more about the vast variety of campus organizations, what they do and how they can become involved. This event showcases the variety of campus organizations and is a prime recruitment event!

If you are looking for ways to get involved, if you want to meet new friends, and if you want to learn more about UCI's campus spirit then attending the Anteater Involvement Fair is a great place to start! You will walk away from this event with more ways to become involved at UCI than you could have imagined.

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to host this event in Aldrich Park as we do every year. We have moved the event to our new online platform - campusgroups.uci.edu. The event will not be accessbile until Welcome Week. Once it is live, students will have the opportunity to view each campus organization's virtual booth where they can access information about the org, chat with club officers, join in on live virtual info sessions, and indicate interest in the organization. 


To Campus Organizations:

Contact Interested Students:

If you would like to see the list of students that selected "I'm Interested" at your AIF booth, you must go to your Member List on your CampusGroups page. Students that were interested will have a tag that says "Anteater Involvement Fair".

Instructions: CampusGroups organization page> Members> CONTACTS> See tag "Anteater Involvement Fair"

interested student

Email interested students: CampusGroups organization page> Emails> Compose Email (top right corner)> Select member tag: Anteater Involvement Fair

Collaborative Conversations: Membership Recruitment PPT