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Winter Anteater Involvement Fair

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All Anteaters have access to navigate the Virtual Winter Anteater Involvement Fair via CampusGroups.  This video tutorial (from 2020) provides further information on how to navigate the fair.  Although there are a few differences this year, the video demonstration serves as a guide to get you started.  We hope you have fun exploring!


The Winter Anteater Involvement Fair serves as another space where new and current UCI students can learn more about the vast variety of campus organizations, what they do and how they can become involved. This event showcases the variety of campus organizations and is a prime recruitment event. It is an opportunity to look for ways to get involved, meet new friends and learn more about UCI’s campus spirit! 

Although we had hoped to host the event in person, registered campus organizations (RCOs) and UCI departments still have the opportunity to connect with the community in a virtual setting. 

 Participating groups will be able hold virtual live sessions, recruit members, and promote events. 

Location: Virtual on campusgroups.uci.edu
Time: LIVE THROUGH JAN. 28, 2022 

Virtual Fair Features 

  • Virtual Booths
  • Student Participants:
  • Live chat (private or group)

  • Join live sessions

  • Indicate interest - “I’m Interested”

  • Matched with orgs based on relevant interests

Want To Get Involved?

  • Request a CampusGroups page
how to activate virtual booth


  1. To activate your organization's booth (for both RCOs and UCI Departments), you will need to first access your organization's Dashboard by going to your Group Page. 
  2. After landing on your Dashboard, click "Virtual Fairs". 
  3. You will see Virtual Fairs listed that your org may participate in/ may have participated in the past. 
    1. Here, you should see "Virtual Winter Anteater Involvement Fair 2022" as the fair listed at the top. 
  4. Go to the wrench icon and click "Booth Settings".
  5. Booth Settings will allow you to customize your booth for the fair with any information, photos, flyers or video links that you may want to include.
  6. When you are ready, you will need to activate your booth within the same settings. As soon as you have done this, you are good to go! ^^ 
  7. Should you have any issues, feel free to contact Program Coordinator, Jasmine Ambriz, at jjambriz@uci.edu