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Winter Anteater Involvement Fair

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Didn't get a chance to attend the Fall Anteater Involvement Fair or the Fall Mid-Quarter Fair? No worries! The Office of Campus Organizations and Volunteer Programs will be hosting the Virtual Winter Anteater Involvement Fair week 1 of Winter Quarter from January 6 - January 8. This event will host a variety of registered campus organizations (RCOs) and UCI Departments. Participating groups will be able to hold virtual live sessions, recruit members, and promote events during the 3-day virtual fair event. 

Date: January 6-8 2021 (Week 1)

Location: campusgroups.uci.edu

Time: Fair will be live for 72 hours

RSVP: http://cglink.me/r895581 


Organizations By Day

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Information for Campus Organizations & UCI Departments

  • The fair platform will be available to students the full 72 hours from Wednesday, January 6 through Friday, January 8. 
  • You must ACTIVATE your booth in order to participate. Instructions on how to activate your booth are below.
  • Your organization can host live information sessions any time during the day specified for your organization's category. 
  • Your organization has the option to be available for live chats (both one-on-one chats and group chat messages). This feature can be turned on/off at various times via the options on Booth Settings. We would recommend that you turn live chat options off when your organization is not available. 
  • Participants will be able to access the fair by checking the Virtual Fairs tab on the left hand side when logged on to the home page of CampusGroups.
  • After the fair, you will be able to see everyone who clicked the “I’m Interested” button for your group by going to your Members list, Contacts, then filtering by the Member Tag with the name of the fair to follow up with more information about joining the group and your upcoming planned meetings and events.

Virtual Booth:

From your group Dashboard, go to More Tools > Virtual Fairs, then click on the Booth Settings button on the listing for this fair.

You will not have access to set-up your virtual booth until you have completed all Campus Organization Registration Requirements and become an approved organization.

View the Creating and Customizing Your Booth video to learn more about accessing your virtual booth and setting it up. Only "officers" can access and edit the virtual booth.

Things you can include in your virtual booth:

  • General Info: Add a slogan, share what you’re all about, and select if you want students to join your mailing list (by becoming a Contact). Select relevant Interests, Industries, and/or Sports so that students who have the same choices will be matched with your group and it will show up for them in a list of Suggested Groups. Pro tip: If you want people to join your club as a full member right away, add your group’s QR code (found on your Dashboard) to the content in the box labeled “Present your group in a few words”
  • Communications: Select if you want to participate in a Group Chat (single room where all participants can see all messages sent during the fair - great for Q&A!) and/or 1-on-1 Chat (assigned on a rotating basis) with interested students, and which officers will be taking part in each chat. Add a link to a live video session where you can meet face-to-face.
  • Media: Make your booth stand out with officer introductions, images and videos from past events, include a link(s) to your website (make sure it’s up to date!), and upload documents.
  • When you’re ready, make sure to select to Activate Booth in order for it to show up in the fair.

  • The organization's booth can only be staffed by officers listed on the organization's CampusGroups page. 

Activate Booth: 

Please activate booth ONLY on the day of your designated club category.

If you are an officer of the organization you will be able to activate your organization's booth.

  1. Log-in to CampusGroups and go to your club page.
  2. Select "More Tools" from the left-side menu.
  3. Select "Mid-Quarter Fair"
  4. Check the box "Activate"


Do I or my officers need to be active online in order to have a virtual booth?

No. You and the club officers do not have to be live on the platform to have a virtual booth. You can still set-up the booth with a descriptions, videos, photos, etc. You can turn off the chat settings so that you do not receive messages. Having a virtual booth will allow participants to learn more about your organization even if you are not able to be live on the platform. Participants will also be able to indicate that they are interested in your organization and you will be able to follow-up at a later time.

When can my organization host zoom sessions?

Your organization will only be viewable on the platform on the day your club category is featured. Your organization can host zoom sessions any time of day during your organizations specified day.

When does our organization need to be available to chat?

You and your club officers can be online to chat at any time during the day that your organization is viewable on the platform. Your club can also disable the chat function and does not need to be available for chats.