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2014-2015 Workshops

    • Transforming Your Org Experience Onto A Resume (March 5, 2015) Hear from the Career Center's pro-staff, Araceli R. Rossi, as she will help you strengthen your resume by teaching you how to transcribe your org experience. You will be able to receive feed back to make sure your resume is appealing to future employers using the experiences and skills you have learned from your organization.
    • Anteater Awards Information Session (February 19 & 25, 2015) Would you like for your organization to win an award at the 32nd Annual Anteater Awards? Come out to CORE's "Anteater Awards Info Night" to learn more about the process on how your organization can get nominated for an award. Participants will get the opportunity to navigate the Anteater Award's website before its official launch, and receive more information and details on the different award categories being presented at the ceremony.
    • Marketing Tips: Do's & Dont's (February 12, 2015) To start a successful organization/club, you need to be different and have a great mission. But a great mission or being different do not lead to success by itself. If want to be the best you need to make sure students know about your organization and feel its strong presence on campus. To accomplish that your organization needs to stay focused on marketing at every stage of its progress.
    • Strategies For A Successful Team (February 4, 2015) Want to know the best ways to get hype up your org members and strengthen your teamwork? Come to CORE’s “Strategies for a Successful Team” workshop this Wednesday for great tips and strategies on how to make your org have a successful and strong team! This fun workshop will include icebreaker ideas, personality analysis, and conflict resolution will all be encapsulated in this one awesome workshop!
    • Discover Your Leadership Style (January 29, 2015) Unravel your leadership style through our interactive workshop! Come by and discuss diverse leadership styles and how your personality shapes the way you lead. Find your leadership strengths and how they contribute to your work environment.
    • Funding & Fundraising: Tips & Strategies (January 22, 2015) As Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) you are eligible to apply for funding for you programs and events. Keep in mind that over 600 RCOS are competing for the same funds. Funds are limited, and funds are only available for RCO activities and not for general operating expenses. This workshop will teach you the tips and strategies for applying for funds. You will also learn the relevant tools and ideas necessary to successfully implement your organization’s fundraising goals. Students will learn how to effectively create a fundraising goal, plan a fundraising event, and learn different fundraising methods.
    • I Love My Organization… (January 20-23, 2015) Do you love your org? What about an opportunity to post a picture on Instagram? YES? Well that's great, let the whole UCI Campus Community know how much you love your organization. We will have chalkboard walls for organization members to write down their org name and reasons why they love their organization! Don’t miss this exciting event, there may be a surprise for the organization that brings out the most members to our booth.
    • New ORG Roundtable (January 15, 2015) A great way to receive clarification on any concerns your org might be facing. You will also be able to communicate with other organizations on a one on one basis.

2013-2014 Workshops

  • Passing the Torch: A Leadership Transition Workshop (April 29, 2014). Change happens every year, with this workshop, you will gain tips, strategies, and resources for a smooth transition in leadership, and understand what it really means to pass the torch.
  • Funding Workshop (April 15, 2014). Learn how to navigate the funding resources.
  • CORE Consultant Information Session (Monday, April 7, 2014). Learn how to become a CORE Consultant for the 2014-2015 academic school year. 
  • Club Marketing 101 (Friday, February 28, 2014). At this workshop, participants will learn alternate means to market their club beyond conventional methods.  Participants will also learn how to maximize the efficiency of their existing marketing strategies and emerge with a new knowledge of resources available to assist and further their marketing efforts.
  • CORE Accounts: What, Who, and Why! (February 20, 2014). Join Alvin, CORE Accounts Manager, and Sydney, CORE Consultant, as they discuss the building blocks to keeping your campus organization's website, e-mail, mailing list and more in tip-top shape. Learn about the many resources CORE Accounts provides to help your club. Presentation
  • Fundraising Tools (February 5, 2014). Students will learn the relevant tools and ideas necessary to successfully implement their organization’s fundraising goals. Students will learn how to effectively create a fundraising goal, plan a fundraising event, and learn different fundraising methods. Presentation.
  • Navigating Funding Resources (January 21, 2014). This funding workshop will explore the overall application procedures for the multiple funding opportunities at UCI. We will also discuss any strategies and/or techniques to make certain your funding application is approved. This workshop is ideal for student leaders trying to attain funds for your campus organization. Presentation.
  • Funding Workshop (November 2, 2013). Presentations: Dean's Fund PowerpointThe Green Inititive Funding PowerpointMulticultural Programs Committee Funding Powerpoint.