UCI Campus Organizations

Being a Registered Campus Organization (RCO)

Registration Information

A Registered Campus Organization (RCO) is an organization whose membership predominantly comprises students, faculty, and/or staff and that attains recognition as a Registered Campus Organization by complying with the requirements and procedures set forth in campus implementing regulations. This site outlines important information about being an RCO.

What are Authorized Signers/Officers?

Only current UCI students can be signers/officers of an organization (excluding University Extension students). Signers of RCOs are responsible for the activities of their organization(s). They agree to be jointly or individually liable for all debts and obligations to the University incurred by the organization. Signers read UC, and UCI agreements and policies and agree to comply. Remember signers are utimately responsible for the RCO.

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Naming Your Organization

RCO's may include "UCI" in their organization name for the purposes of georgraphical designation only. For example, "Anteater Stamp Club at UCI" is accetable, but "UCI Anteater Stamp Club" is not acceptable. The name "University of California" is property of the state. No Person shall, without written permission of the Regents of the University of California, use this name, or any abbreviation of it or any name, which these words are part in any way.

  • Click here for campus policies relating to the use of the University's name for RCOs.  
  • Click here for suggestions from Trademarks and Licensing.

E-mail and Social Media Accounts
Policies apply to your email account and your social media handles. 

Acceptable: anteaterstampclub@gmail.com and @anteatersstampuci
Not Acceptable: ucianteatersstampclub@gmail.com and @ucistampclub

How do I change the name of my organization?
An Authorized Signer for the organization may submit a Campus Organization Name Change Request Form.  If the organization is in the process of the re-registration process for the current academic year, continue with the process using the organization's existing name.  After submitting the registration, a Signer may submit a request using the form.  Please note any organization that does not comply with the 70.40 UCI Organization Name policy will be asked to change the organization's name.

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A constitution for your campus organization outlines your organization's mission, leadership structure, transition procedures, and other important information necessary for your organization to function. Campus Organizations can create their own, utilize a version from a national chapter, or use the sample constitution provided.

Sample Constitution

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Online Agreements for Signers/Officers

Authorized signers/authorized officers of RCOs are responsible for the activities of their organization(s). They agree to be jointly or individually liable for all debts and obligations to the University incurred by the organization. Signers/officers read UC and UCI agreements and policies and agree to comply.  Remember signers/officers are ultimately responsible for the RCO.

Anti-Hazing Agreement
Financial Responsibility Agreement
Non-Discrimination Policy
Principles of Community
Principles Against Intoleratnce
Clery Act
Student Conduct Policies

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ASUCI Club Accounts

Learn how to open an ASUCI account or process a check request. 

ASUCI Club Account Instructions

Check Request and Reimbursement Instructions

Note: If your organization does not re-register for 2 consecutive years then your organization forfeits any remaining funds left in the orgs ASUCI account.

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Faculty/Staff Organizations

A Faculty/Staff Campus organization is one that is primarily comprised of faculty and staff, where faculty and staff members hold office, voting rights, and signer responsibilities.


  • Be recognized by UCI as a Campus Organization
  • Access to open and utilize an ASUCI club account
  • Ability to reserve space as an organization

Important Information

  • Faculty/Staff Organizations do not receive discounted rates for Student Center & Event Services Room Reservations.
  • Faculty/Staff Organizations may not apply for funding from funding boards that are student-fee based.
  • Although registration for faculty/staff organizations occurs with Student Life & Leadership, UCI's Human Resources and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) serve as advisors and resource departments for these groups. Organizations whose purpose serves protected categories (i.e., race, gender, class, sexual orientation, etc.) have an opportunity to affiliate with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity for advisement and program support. Please contact OEOD (oeod@uci.edu) for more information.

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Review the following statements/questions.  If your organization answered yes to any statement/questions, your organization may not qualify as a registered campus organization.  This applies to both new and re-reg organizations.  Schedule an advising meeting with a COVP staff to help determine if your organization can proceed as a registered campus organization.

  • Signers, officers, or members are selected by a campus department (faculty/staff), academic unit, or community organization. 
  • My organization is a program/function, or claimed as a program/function of a campus department, academic unit, or research project. 
  • Membership is restricted to students enrolled in an academic class. 
  • My organization is solely dependent on funding from a campus department/academic unit to function or succeed.  
  • My organization exists solely as a closed committee for a single intended program/activity. 
  • Membership is closed. 
  • Does my organization already exist as a program/function of UCI?  
  • Officers/signers or members are paid, or serve as student staff to run or establish the organization. 
  • Staff/faculty, community members, set the goals and objectives for a student organization-- decisions cannot be made without their approval. 
  • The primary goal of my organization is to make income or serve as a business.    

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