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Request to Change Signers/Officers

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After the organization has been recognized, any authorized signer has the authority to request to remove or add other authorized signers. If a signer is removed they will be notified. Please be sure to speak with other signers before making changes. If you think there is a mistake, please contact our office. 

Change of Signer Request Windows:

Winter: Week 10, Finals Week
Spring: Week 1, Week 2

If your organization plans to change authorized signers/officers, please review and plan for the following:

  • Designate one person on behalf of the organization to submit one request form.

  • If you plan to remove a President or Treasurer, please designate either an existing or new officer who will assume those respective positions.

  • Ensure that your organization maintains a minimum of 3 authorized signers/officers, and that all new officers/signers are currently enrolled UCI students. The organization can have a maximum of 5 authorized signers/officers.

As a signer/officer it is your responsibility to request to remove yourself if you leave the organization or if you are no longer in a leadership position. The new signers/leadership are required to re-register the organization for the next academic year.

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