UCI Campus Organizations

Department Affiliations

Department Affiliations

Campus Organizations can request to affiliate with various departments across campus to gain special benefits and support while committing to being involved in the departments activities throughout the year. Campus Organizations will gain a better understanding on how to build mutually beneficial relationships with these campus departments. Each affiliation has it's own set of benefits and requirements.

Alumni Association Affiliation

The UCI Alumni Association (UCIAA) Club Affiliate Program is for registered campus organization (RCOs) interested in building and leveraging the alumni network to support professional development of their members. UCIAA strives to empower RCOs proactively and independently to connect and engage with alumni by providing applicable resources, training, and guidance. In exchange, club affiliates will further the mission of UCIAA by creating their own alumni programming and participating in UCIAA student events, among other things. 


  • Host a minimum of one virtual event/program (i.e. panel, networking, workshop, mixer, career talk, etc.) that connect UCI students with alumni.
  • Promote and attend Alumni Association and/or Student Alumni Association events (i.e. Dinners with Anteaters, What Matters to Me and Why, Alumni Back 2 Campus, etc.).
  • Submit membership rosters on a quarterly basis so we can keep track of your alumni for your club in perpetuity.
  • Submit event attendee lists for all alumni-related events so we can track participation and build an invite list for your future events.
  • Attend quarterly virtual affiliate meetings to stay updated on Alumni Association activities and gain helpful strategies and tips on how to build and leverage your alumni network two representatives required to attend meetings.
  • Meet with Alumni and Student Engagement Manager for any large scale alumni events to discuss and develop alumni engagement strategies.


  • Funding Opportunity: Earn funding for your organization by participating in our virtual quarterly affiliates contest. The top three organizations with the highest points will receive funding ranging from $100-200.
  • Direct Access to UCIAA Staff: Alumni and Student Engagement Manager is available to meet with club affiliate members to provide guidance and discuss alumni engagement strategy.
  • Alumni Outreach Support: With advance notice, UCIAA can assist with identifying and/or contacting key alumni for your event or program.
  • Priority in the Student Alumni Engagement Sponsorship (SAES): Club affiliates who apply to the Student Alumni Engagement Sponsorship (SAES) funding program will receive additional points during the application review process. Note: Accepting applications for virtual events only.
  • Publicity and Marketing: Submit an event request form to have your virtual event added to the UCIAA’s events listing on their website.
  • Training and Resources: Access to quarterly online meetings with staff led training and resources to support alumni engagement efforts.
  • Event Partnership: With advance notice, the Alumni Association can partner on events that align with its mission.

How to Affiliate

Accepting affiliation requests until Sunday, October 17, 2021 at 11:59pm

Application Form: https://forms.gle/Qogbq1N2Khyf8HKh7

Webpage: https://engage.alumni.uci.edu/s/club-affiliate-program

April Hul
Alumni and Student Engagement Manager
UCI Alumni Association

Cross-Cultural Center Affiliation

All Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) who choose to affiliate with the Cross-Cultural Center will be required to meet specific requirements during the 2021-2022 academic year.  RCOs interested in affiliating with the Cross-Cultural Center must complete an online application before Friday of Week 1.  For more information about the Cross-Cultural Center’s affiliation process, including the application, please visit: https://ccc.uci.edu/involvement/affiliation-process.php.

Division of Career Pathways Affiliation

Club Affiliates Program (CAP) members are student organizations that place a high priority on the professional development of their members. As such, they choose to partner with the UCI Division of Career Pathways to enhance the experiences they can offer. CAP members enjoy a variety of benefits that provide the opportunity to connect with UCI Division of Career Pathways Staff, the employers who use our services, and other like-minded student organizations. 


  • Your organization must be registered with Campus Organizations & Volunteer Programs, http://www.campusorgs.uci.edu/
  • Your organization must have at least 20 active members
  • Your board agrees to promote relevant UCI Division of Career Pathways events and services to club members on a regular basis at meetings and announcements on your website, newsletters and/or list serve
  • Your organization will provide contact information for two officers who are able to respond to messages and make decisions on behalf of your organization
  • Your organization will recognize the UCI Division of Career Pathways through inclusion as a sponsor/affiliate on web and print marketing
  • All primary points of contact will need to attend:
    • CAP Orientation: Friday, October 10, 2021 at 11am (Virtual)
    • CAP Winter Quarter Check-in – Week 2 of Winter Quarter (Virtual/In-Person TBD)
    • CAP Spring Quarter Check-in – Week 2 of Spring Quarter (Virtual/In-Person TBD)

* Secondary points of contact, or another Executive Board member, may attend in their place with prior notice

  • Submit an application by Friday, October 1st, 2021 to receive full benefits starting Fall Quarter. 
    • Late applications will be accepted until Friday, October 29th, 2021


  • Priority consideration for professional development workshop requests submitted to DCP Staff (minimum 4 weeks notice)
  • Work with the Employer Relations Team to identify and contact employers that you would like to see recruit at UCI and/or attend your meetings or events (minimum 4 weeks notice) 
  • Marketing of your career or Graduate School related club events posted on Handshake (minimum 4 weeks advance notice) 
  • Club name/logo, description, and link to club website on UCI DCP website
  • Access for Club Affiliates to co-sponsor events and/or participate in career fairs, graduate and professional school fairs, and the Career Discovery Series 
  • Event planning support and consultation with a  staff member from the Division of Career Pathways
  • Professional development events for club officers
  • Dedicated UCI Division of Career Pathways liaisons

Terms & Conditions of Membership

  • All DCP CAP members agree to:
    1. Respond to any direct employer or Career Pathways requests within 48 hours to accept or decline, professionally
    2. Maintain a group profile that enhances UCI in employers’ minds. Specifically, the group will not publicly endorse or promote illegal, or unprofessional, behavior that will tarnish employers’ opinions of UCI students
    3. Commit to this program for one academic year and complete a program evaluation at the end of the year
  • The UCI Division of Career Pathways is excited by the prospect of partnering with your organization. We expect this program will be mutually beneficial and enhance the UCI experience for all involved. We do not expect to encounter any problems with our club affiliates. However, if any of the agreements are not upheld, your club’s points of contact will be required to meet with the Division of Career Pathways to discuss next steps.

How to Affiliate

Interested in becoming a member of the DCP Club Affiliates Program?

  • Apply HERE by October 1st, 2021. (Late applications accepted through October 29th, 2021)
  • Have more questions? Contact Natasha Strauss, Employer Engagement Specialist, at nstrauss@uci.edu

Latinx Resource Center Affiliation

The LRC Affiliate program is a partnership opportunity between the Latinx Resource Center and registered campus organizations interested in building and leveraging their network to support professional development of their members. The affiliates program strives to empower joined organizations to proactively provide applicable resources, guidance, and host signature programs.


1. Re-Register
In order to be an affiliate of the LRC, you must be a registered (or re-registered) campus organization with the Office of Campus Organizations & Volunteer programs (COVP). Any questions regarding registration should be directed to the Office of COVP at (949) 824-5181. 

2. Familiarize Yourself and Uphold the LRC’s History & Values 
Please review our center’s history and values on the LRC’s website. The values of your organization should uphold our values.

3. Attend Monthly Affiliate Meetings
In order to better serve our Latinx community, professional and student staff will lead monthly meetings for our affiliates. These meetings are mandatory and your organization must send one designated board member to these meetings. Bi-weekly meetings may come as needed and agreed upon by the Affiliates.

4. Attending Affiliate Events
Attend 2-3 Affiliate events or socials per quarter. This can include events hosted by other affiliate organizations by you or your membership, LRC programs & events or Affiliate co-hosted socials between affiliate organizations. This will include helping one another promote the events on social media, during membership meetings or word of mouth.

5. Meet with the LRC Pro-Staff
At least one authorized signer from your organization is required to meet with the Director or Program Coordinator of the LRC every quarter.


  • Relationships with student organizations (and staff) that affiliate with the LRC
  • Organization information & events promoted on LRC newsletter
  • LRC staff attend & support your events
  • Participate in planning committees for LRC signature events 

How to Affiliate

Application Period: August - October 2021

For more information and application will be released on this website: https://latinx.uci.edu/affiliates-program/

LGBT Resource Center Affiliation

The LGBT Resource Center offers student organization affiliation, to support and encourage organizations that work towards LGBTQ+ community, as well as align with the LGBTRC’s values. Through the affiliation student organizations will have the opportunity to have input into changes at the LGBTRC, access to space and financial resources, and have a network of like-minded organizations to connect and work with.


Register and/or re-register your student organization with Student Life & Leadership and pay the registration fee. Please complete our affiliation application on our CampusGroups webpage Click link for access to LGBTRC Affiiliation information CampusGroups page: https://campusgroups.uci.edu/student_community?club_id=37260

For any questions, contact the program coordinator, Ash Preston

Read and understand all requirements and benefits which you can find below. Share those requirements and benefits with your organization so they can utilize the LGBTRC.

Affiliation with the LGBTRC requires an active engagement in the LGBTRC community. The LGBTRC is only as great as you make it!

Your organization is asked to assist in upholding the LGBTRC polices to ensure that the facility continues to be our "home".

Must uphold the LGBTRC’s values:

Social Justice
Student Development
Holistic Wellness

Communicate your organization's programs and events with the LGBTRC.  Your events can be featured on the LGBTRC platforms.

Meet with an LGBTRC Pro Staff and/or Engagement Intern of the LGBTRC for guidance and support with program and event planning as needed.

Affiliations are contingent upon LGBTRC staff approval


  • Gain an understanding of the LGBTRC (mission statement, learning outcomes, vision, values and goals)
  • Build community and network with other student leaders and groups engaged in diversity and social justice education, activism, advocacy, and community engagement.
  • Receive updates regarding unique leadership opportunities, facility updates, room reservation process, and resources.
  • Ability to reserve space at the LGBTRC for weekly or specialized programs or meetings within our staffing policy*. (*staff member needs to be present after hours)
  • Gain access to our publicity tools including the LGBTRC website and social media accounts for advertising and outreach opportunities.
  • Additional funds to support their student organizations.
  • Be invited to special speaker events, programs and trainings.
  • Be advised on event planning, budgeting, facilitation and risk management.
  • Opportunities for co-sponsorship.
  • Advising from a professional staff member on program management
  • Advanced notice on LGBTQQIAA+ conferences

How to Affiliate

Links to apply: 

Click link for access to LGBTRC Affiiliation information CampusGroups page: https://campusgroups.uci.edu/student_community?club_id=37260

For any questions, contact the program coordinator, Ash Preston

Link to email Ash Preston: ash.preston@uci.edu

Student Outreach & Retention Center (SOAR) Affiliation

The "SOARing for Education" Affiliation program is designed to promote community building amongst different campus registered student organizations and the SOAR Center to work together and uplift the mission and vision of the center. SOARing for Education will develop authentic student leaders that will be equipped with the tools, skills, and knowledge to execute innovative, student-initiated outreach and retention programs through mentorship and student-led training.

The outreach and retention programs will foster critical dialogue, mentorship, and reimagine the educational system to improve college access, retention, and graduation rates for historically underrepresented and under-resourced communities in higher education. 


  • Be a Registered Campus Organization 
  • Must submit a new Affiliation application every year
  • Attend Quarterly Affiliate meetings 
  • Meet with an Affiliate Co-Chair once a quarter 
  • Attend at least one SOAR programmatic event 
  • Participate in SOAR Year End Celebration 
  • Develop, implement, or coordinate a Student-Initiated Outreach or Retention program/project 


  • Eligibility to apply for and receive Student-Initiated Project grants for outreach or retention programs 
  • Program advising and mentorship from Affiliate Co-Chairs and SOAR Pro-Staff 
  • Opportunity to sit on the SOAR Board 
  • Marketing & printing support for outreach or retention programs
  • Risk management and liability assessment advising with professional staff
  • Student leadership training(s) and organizational capacity building. 
  • Opportunity to attend, meet and network with UC System-wide Student-Initiated Program Centers
  • Be part of a coalition that advocates and advances diversity and equity topics as it relates to recruitment, retention, and graduation of historically underrepresented and underserved populations

How to Affiliate

Application timeframe: Applications open July 26th - October 16th at midnight 

Application Link: https://soar.uci.edu/become-an-affiliate/ 

Womxn's Center for Success

The Womxn’s Center for Success Affiliate Program is designed to promote community building and build empowerment amongst Registered Campus Organizations (RCO’s) and the Womxn’s Center for Success. The Womxn’s Center for Success at UC Irvine advances gender equity by raising community consciousness, fostering personal growth, implementing social justice initiatives, and increasing access to resources that support student success. Affiliates will be able to foster personal growth with mentorship, increase resources to support student success through their programs and projects, and create programs to advance gender equity with the assistance of the Womxn’s Center for Success. RCOs will be required to meet specific requirements every year they apply to the affiliate program.


  • Be a Registered Campus Organization that has completed registration. 
  • Provide Contact Information of at least 2 members of the board. 
  • Completed the W-Hub 101 Workshop Training. 
    • To fulfill this requirement, go to our website and fill out the workshop request form here
  • Attend Quarterly affiliate meetings 
    • Affiliates must send at least 1 board member from their organization to the meetings. 
    • This will be a place for updates, announcements, and additional training. 
    • These meetings will be held virtually. 
    • Meeting times and dates TBD 
  • Meet with the Program Coordinator and the Director of the Womxn’s Center for Success
    • At the beginning of each quarter, affiliates will meet with the Program Coordinator and Director to discuss goals for the quarter, discuss planned programs, and ideas to collaborate with the Center and other resources on campus. 
  • Request a workshop to be presented for your organization throughout the year. 
  • If you choose to reapply the following year, expect to participate and attend Open House. 
  • Attend Womxn’s Center for Success events throughout the year
    • Affiliates must attend at least one event throughout the year. 
    • Additionally, affiliates must also attend the EmpowerHER Summit in March.


  • Promotion of events and programs through our weekly newsletter and social media accounts. 
  • Leadership development, training opportunities, and mentorship given by Professional Staff. 
  • Be advised on programming that includes, program planning, budgeting, and marketing. 
  • Be able to reserve a conference room in our new building. 
  • Invitation on committees so that you are able to represent your organization within the group. 
  • Opportunity for member to be nominated for Outstanding Affiliate Member at the Dynamic Womxn Awards
  • Future funding will be available. 

How to affiliate

Application available from September 1st - October 4th of 2021.

Read the benefits and requirements of our program on our website. AND Register and Fill out our Campus Groups Form and our Program Coordinator will reach out to you as soon as possible. Deadline to apply for Fall 2021 is Monday, October 4th at 8am PST. If you have any questions contact womenshub@uci.edu.

Club Sports Affiliation

Interested organizations must meet the following minimum criteria before applying for Club Sport status.


  • Be a competitive sport activity (regularly scheduled competition, league play, and or may culminate in a regional or national tournament)
  • Sport must be affiliated with a National Association, League, or other governing body
  • Meet with the Director of Club Sports to discuss the rules, regulations, policies, and expectations of clubs administered by the Department of Campus Recreation
  • If the club wishes to pursue recognition, they must submit the following to the Club Sport Director in written proposal:
    • Club must show it has a minimum of 10 members willing to pay dues.
    • A roster of interested students demonstrating a demand for the activity.
    • A annual calendar of proposed activities for the club
    • An operational budget for the first year of existence. Within the budget, fundraising and management must be defined.
    • A risk management review of the proposed activities for the club
    • Club must prove there is interested, involved and committed student leadership capable of organizing and leading the club.
    • Provide Name, address and phone number of each club officer
    • A club constitution is required to be submitted. Club operational by-laws should also be established.
    • Facility space required on a weekly basis for practices/games
    • Information concerning the club’s national association, league or other governing body affiliation
    • List of area and regional competitors