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Frequently Asked Questions in Regards to COVID-19

COVP will provide up-to-date information regarding the operations of your organizations during the Fall 2020 quarter, in response to updates of COVID-19. Please check this website often for new updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Can our RCO gather or host activities on campus?

Gatherings of any size (two or more individuals) should be held using alternative methods (for example, virtual or remote methods) instead of in-person. This policy extends to RCOs. In light of the significant health risks, organizations must refrain from conducting in-person events, no matter the venue. Even with safety measures in place (physical distancing, face masks, and being outdoors), the outcomes are unknown. Demonstrate care for your RCO members and center health and safety as the priority.
  • No in-person events this Fall. All events must be moved to virtual events. Utilize CampusGroups to promote virtual events. Student Center and Event Services (SCES) also provides event planning services for virtual events. 
  • There will be no space reservation requests for general assignment classrooms or indoor/outdoor venues for Fall. SCES is unable to process new inquiries and contract events due to uncertainty surrounding in-person events during COVID-19. Future in-person meeting and event inquiries must be submitted using the online request form, Eventive, and will be placed in a holding queue. 

  • Please refer to the Chancellor's Executive Directive on Gatherings.

What are the consequences of not complying with the Executive Directives?

Student Conduct Process on COVID-19 Compliance
This document is intended to provide guidance on addressing health and safety compliance for students and registered campus organizations related to COVID-19. The University’s approach is fundamentally grounded in educating students on their behavior and the impacts of the behavior to the campus community. The consequences of violating the Gatherings Executive Directive can significantly impact your status as a registered campus organization and academic record, including possible suspension or dismissal of the organization and/or individuals. With so much at stake, all campus organization business and activity must be conducted virtually.


What are some online resources I can use to host my meetings/events activities? How can I engage our members virtually? 


Zoom meetings will allow up to 300 attendees per session over an unlimited number of minutes. You can facilitate interactive meetings in real-time, video chat, create polls, screen share, and share documents. Live sessions can also be recorded and distributed to enable access by participants who are unable to attend live sessions.

To join/create a meeting, visit: https://uci.zoom.us/

For more information, visit: https://www.oit.uci.edu/news/zoom-enterprise/

Watch our session "A Virtual Transition for Your Org" for specific tips about Zoom at the 12:45 minute mark.

Can I get the Premium Zoom Account? My account only limits me to 40 minute sessions.

All UCI students, staff, and faculty ALREADY has access to the premium Zoom Account. Visit https://uci.zoom.us/ to utilize the premium features. If you already created an account through Zoom using your UCI email address, you can migrate your account using the link above.

How can I prevent “Zoom Bombing”?

Zoom Bombing is when an uninvited guest comes into your Zoom session to post inappropriate content. Here’s some tips to avoid Zoom Bombing:

  • Share your Zoom Meeting number with only those you intend to invite. Do not publish in social media or other public places where random people can come into the session.

  • Create a password for your zoom session and share it with attendees close to your zoom session time.

  • As a “Host” you can enable the “Waiting Room” setting where attendees would need to wait in this room before entering. The Host can allow and dismiss anyone into the room.

  • If there are any inappropriate conduct that occurs during your sessions, please report to the Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct: conduct@uci.edu and UCI Tech Prep: techprep@uci.edu.

  • Check out additional resources found through UCI Tech Prep.

How can I advertise some of our virtual events?

If you are a Recognized Campus Organizations (RCO), you have access to create and post events on CampusGroups.

Can someone help with planning large scale virtual events?

Student Center & Event Services Meeting and Event Planners can help with: 

  • Zoom webinar account management
  • Registration and reminder emails
  • Designating your speakers & panelists
  • Managing attendee engagement with Q&A and polling features
  • Report generation and analytics
  • A training session scheduled with SCES tech support
  • A practice event run-through scheduled prior to your event
  • Optional SCES tech support throughout the duration of your event
  • Advertising and promoting your event
  • Option to livestream to YouTube and Facebook

For more information visit the Student Center & Event Services Website.


How can we retain membership?

Note: While it is important to continue to engage your members, please consider that many may be going through transitions at this time and may impact their ability to commit and engage at this time.

How can we recruit new members?

  • Check out the slidedeck from the last Collaborative Leadership Conversations Program: Membership Recruitment.
  • First determine the “why” behind your recruitment efforts (do you need to add more members to sustain the org? Do you need more assistance to achieve the goals of the org? Do you have open positions that need to be filled? etc), then determine how many new members you would need to recruit in order to maintain your success as an organization.

    • Identify 2-3 key things that someone will gain from being a member of your organization and how they can make an impact by joining your org (use this in your messaging to recruit)

  • Utilize social media platforms to get message out.

    • Ask members to share short video testimonials about what they have gained from being part of the org, their favorite memory, and a reason why someone should join.

    • These videos can be shared on your orgs social media platforms, you can also ask members to share on their personal platforms or FB class pages.

Can I still hold dance practices during this time?

Based on the Governor’s Executive Order, it is advised that everyone stay at home until further notice for the safety of others and to help to Flatten the Curve. Although this means that you should not be gathering for dance practices, it doesn't mean you can’t hold a virtual form of dance practice. Ideas could include:

  • Filming the choreography and sending the video out to all members to practice on their own.

  • Schedule a live lesson to teach the choreography, as well as practice together.


Can clubs/organizations deposit money into their accounts?

ASUCI will be suspending all deposits into RCO Club Accounts until further notice.  We will resume normal business operations upon the campus approval for return of staff to campus. Visit SGSM Website for more information.

Can clubs/organizations be allowed to withdraw funds from club accounts? Can I still make check requests?

We have created an online portal for students to submit their club, funding board, or student government check requests. This portal is to be used for submitting check requests and pre-approvals only. Checks will not be processed and delivered until the campus re-opens. Visit SGSM Website for more information.


I missed the Zoom Session: A Virtual Transition for Your Org. How can I get information?

COVP hosted a zoom session on April 10, 2020 addressing strategies and tips to help move your organization in a virtual world. Click on the resources below for more information:

Powerpoint Presentation
Zoom Video Recording

Website last updated on 11/3/2020