UCI Campus Organizations

Food Permits & Catering

Section 1

Food Safety & Caterers: At a Glance

For Temporary Food Permits, please visit ehs.uci.edu


Food from UCI Approved Caterers or Not Approved Caterers provided by UCI Hospitality & Dining Services

If you choose to use a caterer to deliver and service food for your RCO meetings, programs, and events, you are required to use an approved on-campus or off-campus caterer. Click here for a list of approved caterers from Hospitality and Dining Services. However, if you choose to use a caterer that is not on the approved caterers list, then you need to contact UCI Hospitality and Dining Services to recieve an information packet to find out if the caterer is eligible to be approved. The deadline for submitting the completed Off-campus Caterer Approval packet is the 14th day of the month prior to your event. The Approved UCI Off-campus Caterer List is published on the 15th day of each month.  UCI Hospitality and Dining Services is the exclusive caterer for the Student Center. Please plan accordingly.

Note: RCOs can bring food from off-campus food caterers and distribute to their members on their own without any assistance from a caterer.

RCO Serving Alcohol?

  1. Review alcohol policies (sec. 900-13)
  2. Submit your alcohol request form 20 days in advance to UCI Hospitality & Dining Services, but before you must attain signatures from Event Location Approver (e.g., Student Center), and Approving Authority (RCOs submit to Student Life and Leadership) so you need to plan accordingly
  3. Hospitality and Dining will review the request and contact your organization
  4. For more information, click here