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On-Campus Event Insurance Coverage

On-Campus Event Insurance Coverage

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) has created an insurance program to cover Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) for most on-campus events. The University of California pays for the insurance coverage for “low risk” events (e.g., banquet, meetings, etc.) and many “medium risk” events (e.g., dances, cultural shows, etc.).  Events deemed as “high risk” events (e.g., concerts, paintball, etc.) are not automatically covered and will need to apply with the insurance carrier.  For “high risk” events, a RCO will be given a quote on a premium to purchase.  RCOs are responsible for making certain their on-campus event is an applicant with the insurance carrier – CampusConnexion.

Previously, RCO events and activities held on-campus were not covered by the University of California's own insurance programs, which posed a problem for both students and the university because:

  1. The students had to rely on personal or family financial resources to defend a claim or lawsuit arising out of their activities.
  2. The university had no financial recourse when its property was damaged by student activities or when it received a claim or lawsuit arising from student activities.

RCO Affiliations.  If your RCO is an affiliate member or local chapter of a regional or national organization, such as a few fraternities and sororities, you may be able to attain insurance from your regional or national organization. Please contact your organization's regional or national office to see if they will cover your RCO; they must name the Regents of the University of California to their insurance.  If the affiliate will not cover the RCO with insurance, then the RCO can attain insurance coverage from the CampusConnexions program.

Club Sports/Recreation Sports RCOs.  These RCO's will work with UCI Campus Recreation for their insurance and liability waivers. See: Club Sports Waiver.

Off-Campus Event Insurance Coverage

Off-Campus Event Insurance Coverage

The University of California does not purchase liability insurance for the off-campus activities of student organizations but strongly recommends RCOs purchase liability insurance for these events.  Without this insurance, your personal or family financial resources could be affected by a claim or lawsuit. This has occurred at other UC campuses. Visit the RCO Event Liability webpage and click on the off-campus events tab for more information.

Your Own Insurance.  Organizations are not restricted to utilizing the insurance program through UCOP for "medium" and "high risk" events. If you have another carrier that you would like to work with, please feel free to do so.  Please note: The University requires minimum of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and $2,000,000.00 aggregate for comprehensive general liability and property damage covering activities for general use of University Properties.  Your organization must provide the reservation facility a Certificate of Insurance naming the Regents of the University of California as additional insured for "medium" and "high risk" events. Click here for a CampusConnexions Certificate of Insurance example.

Off Campus Vendor.  If your organization is working in collaboration with an off-campus vendor, please remember that all vendors working with the RCO must apply for Vendor/Exhibitor Liability Insurance. Vendors can apply for this insurance online here. You can also download (PDF) the Vendor/Exhibitor Liability Application.

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Liability Waivers

In addition to the insurance coverage for campus events offered by the UCOP, event participant waivers will also help to protect RCOs in case of legal actions. For the insurance coverage to be effective, many types of events require participants to sign a waiver.  Follow the steps below.

Request customizable liability waiver

Complete the following form: http://bit.ly/RCOWAIVER

Please make request at least 30 days prior to your program/event. COVP and Risk Services will then contact you about distributing your waiver to your participants.

Club Sports/Recreation Sports RCOs

Theses RCOs will work with UCI Campus Recreation for their insurance and liability waivers. See: Club Sports Waiver.

RCO Risk Meetings

RCO’s can schedule to meet with a COVP staff member and Risk Manager to discuss insurance application process, liability waivers, working with minors, and any other matters related to any medium to high risk activities. Meetings are held on Fridays, 10am-12pm for 30 minute increments. To schedule a meeting visit: http://calendly.com/akeam/risk


Dance Groups

Reserve Space for Dance/Performance Practice at the following locations:

UCI Parking Structures

  • Available 6pm-10pm
  • Must show proof of UCOP insurance coverage
  • 25 person capacity

ARC Rooms

  • Allowed (2) two-hour practices per week
  • Open until midnight
  • Accepts requests after Week 1
  • 100 person capacity
  • Recommend requesting early for the following quarter

CCC Dr. White Room

  • 200 person capacity

Programs/Events with Minors (Youth)

Programs/Events with Minors (Youth)

If your RCO is looking to work with individuals under the age of 18, please contact our office at campusorgs@uci.edu  to schedule a meeting to discuss resources and support for your program. Examples of programs and activities involving minors includes hosting tours for K-12 students, hosting overnight camps, and others.

If you are planning to host any virtual events with minors, please make a request for liability waivers at http://bit.ly/RCOWAIVER and 
review the resources below with helpful tips and strategies to consider.

Working with Minors Resource Guide

Virtual Events with Minors

Campus Resources & Mandated Reporting

Safe Distance Learning

Electronic Communications with Minors

E-mail campusorgs@uci.edu for further support.