UCI Campus Organizations

Marketing & Publication

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Approved Posting Locations

Posters, Flyers, and Announcements 

  • University general purpose bulletin boards.
  • Interior and exterior concrete surface of the Crawford Hall/West Peltason Drive overpass.
  • Interior concrete surface of Ring Mall Road pedestrian bridges: UCI Student Center/Humanities and Middle Earth/Engineering Lecture Hall.
  • Interior of the concrete railings in each of the lower plazas (i.e., that surface not exposed to Aldrich Park).
  • Sites selected and controlled by each School will require the appropriate approval from each School's Facility Manager
  • Sites selected and controlled by Housing Administrative Services.


  • Interior of the concrete railings in each of the lower plazas (i.e., that surface not exposed to Aldrich Park).
  • General exterior posting areas within Housing with approval.
  • Interior concrete surface of Ring Mall Road pedestrian bridges: Humanities Bridge and Engineering Bridge.
  • Exterior overpass bridges must be reserved with Student Center & Event Services (formerly UCI Scheduling & Conference Services), in accordance with other campus policies.

Prohibited Posting Locations

Prohibited Posting Surfaces and Distribution Areas 

  • Ground, paths, walkways and construction fences.
  • Glass, wood, painted or finished surfaces, which includes exterior walls of all buildings and structures.
  • Trash cans, benches, trees, shrubbery, and landscaping.
  • Inside classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and walls inside buildings.
  • Interior stairwells and stair railings.
  • Fixed poles, traffic control devices, guideposts, signposts, campus directional signs, or historical markers.
  • On Automobiles, any violations will be referred to the UCI Police Department.
  • Entrances to buildings.
  • The bridge connecting the campus with the University Center (requires City of Irvine approval)
  • Surfaces of Campus-approved Artwork.

Posting Policies for Academic Schools

Biological Sciences and Engineering

Highly recommends anything that is posted to remain limited to the Bulletin Boards (and the Bulletin Board’s boundaries) situated within the surrounding areas. Provided that all material posted outside the boundaries of these boards, will be removed swiftly upon immediate inspection.

Social Ecology

All materials relating to events, organizations, class openings, and field study; while associated or affiliated by the School of Social Ecology shall be posted on Bulletin Boards and in around acceptable areas of the school.

UCI Extension

All material related to Summer Session at UCI in and around immediate boundaries of Extension are permissible to be posted, unless noted otherwise.

For schools who do not have specific guidelines, you can direct any other questions or concerns by contacting the following individuals:

Claire Trevor School of The Arts

School of Biological Sciences

Paul Merage School of Business

Department of Education/ School of Law

Henry Samueli School of Engineering

School of Humanities

Bren School of Information and computer Sciences

School of Social Sciences

Summer Session (UCI Extension)