UCI Campus Organizations

Registration Information

Registration Requirements

All organizations must re-register every academic year in order to continue to be active and registered on campus.
Re-registration each year begins in July.

Register your organization

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Signers/Officers cannot be edited after the registration form is submitted. Making changes or adding officers via CampusGroups will delay your registration process. If the organization is approved, the status will revert back to "Pending." Thank you for understanding. 

Important: Due to high volume, registration review can take 5-7 business days after the registration form has been submitted and registration requirements are complete. Checklists should appear 2 business days after submission, and may take longer during high volume periods.  New Organization registration review timeline is dependent on the completion of the New Org Orientation and Advising session. We thank you for your patience.

Registration Requirements

Non-Discriminatory & Student Led

The organization must be student-led. This means that the organization is being directed and led by students of their own volition and willingness to operate an organization on-campus. The students in the organization should be making all decisions on behalf of the organization. Each person listed as a signer must be a currently enrolled UCI student. If your organization is being directed and led by a campus department or an off-campus entity or business, then the organization may not be considered a “campus organization”. If you have questions about whether your organization would be considered a Campus Organization at UCI, then please reach out to our office for advising.

According to Registered Campus Organization policy 70.10, the organization that you are starting should be non-discriminatory - this means the organization can not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, gender, religious beliefs, etc. Exceptions to this policy are given to greek organizations.

Review the additional information below to determine if your organization meets the requirements to become a registered campus organization.  

3 - 5 Signers/Officers

Signers or Officers are organization leaders that are responsible for all actions of the organization. Every organization must have a minimum of 3 signers and a maximum limit of 5. Each signer must be a currently enrolled UCI student. The President (or person who holds an equivalent position in the organization) and the Treasurer must be listed as an officer of the organization. Please note that signers/officers categorized as Club Sports, must be full-time students. Signers/officers will receive CampusGroups emails-- these are not spam.  


Your organization must have a constitution on record. A constitution serves as a guiding document of operations for your organization. When you fill out the registration form you will be required to upload a constitution. Your constitution will be reviewed by COVP staff.  New organizations will have the opportunity to edit the constitution during the orientation and advising sessions. Click here for constitution template.  

Registration Fee ($50)

A $50 registration fee will be required each year. This payment can be made via debit/credit card on CampusGroups.


In addition to the above requirements, New Organizations will need to complete these additional steps. Signers/Officers will be able to edit the organization information on CampusGroups until shortly after the advising session.  

Find an on-campus advisor

Your on-campus advisor can be a staff member, a faculty, or a graduate student. If they haven't done so yet, have them activate their CampusGroups account at: https://admin.campusgroups.uci.edu/createaccount. Afterwards, their name should appear when you enter it in the registration form. 

Attend a New Org Orientation Session

This short session is MANDATORY for new organizations and will go over the benefits of being a campus organization at UCI. Please be prepared to talk about your organization, its mission and its goals. Sign up for a session on the column to the right.

  • New organization signers/officers will be able to edit the application content on CampusGroups after the New Organization Orientation, if necessary.  

New Org Advising Meeting

This 20-minute meeting is MANDATORY for new organizations and provides an opportunity for us to learn more about your organization and how we can support your organization in being successful on campus. You must attend the New Org Orientation before attending an Advising Meeting. Sign up for a meeting with any of our professional staff on the column to the right. You will then be able to pay for your $50 Registration Fee after you have completed this step.


Review the following statements/questions.  If your organization answered yes to any statement/questions, your organization may not qualify as a registered campus organization.  This applies to both new and re-reg organizations.  Schedule an advising meeting with a COVP staff to help determine if your organization can proceed as a registered campus organization. 
  • Signers, officers, or members are selected by a campus department (faculty/staff), academic unit, or community organization. 
  • My organization is a program/function, or claimed as a program/function of a campus department, academic unit, or research project. 
  • Membership is restricted to students enrolled in an academic class. 
  • My organization is solely dependent on funding from a campus department/academic unit to function or succeed.  
  • My organization exists solely as a closed committee for a single intended program/activity. 
  • Membership is closed. 
  • Does my organization already exist as a program/function of UCI?  
  • Officers/signers or members are paid, or serve as student staff to run or establish the organization. 
  • Staff/faculty, community members, set the goals and objectives for a student organization-- decisions cannot be made without their approval. 
  • The primary goal of my organization is to make income or serve as a business.    

New Organization Orientation Session Sign-Up

Jan. 14 - 3pm-4pm
Feb. 2 - 2pm-3pm
Feb. 26 - 1pm-2pm

Sign up on CampusGroups

New Org Advising Meeting | Sign-Up

Mandatory Advising Meeting (20 mins) to discuss in further detail the goals of your organization and how our office can support the organization in being successful. Atleast 1 signer must attend.
Note: You MUST have attended a New Organization Orientation before the Advising Meeting.

Schedule Meeting | Selina Bustillos

Schedule Meeting | Angie Keam

Schedule Meeting | Darlene Esparza

Registration Deadlines

Re-Registration deadline: December 18, 2020
New Organization deadline: April 16, 2021

Registration Tutorials

How to Prepare for Registration
How to Prepare for Registration
How to Prepare for Registration



Only current UCI students can be signers/officers of an organization (excluding University Extension students). Signers of RCOs are responsible for the activities of their organization(s). They agree to be jointly or individually liable for all debts and obligations to the University incurred by the organization. Signers read UC, and UCI agreements and policies and agree to comply.  Remember signers are utimately responsible for the RCO.

What is an Authorized Signer/Officer?

An authorized signer is a signer who has completed all of the requirements of registration including signing the Signer/Officer Agreement Forms and completing the Campus Organizations Online Learning (COOL) modules. Authorized signers/officers have the ability to book space with the Student Center & Event Services, apply for Temporary Food Permits, and access the organization ASUCI club accounts.  Please note that signers/officers categorized as Club Sports, must be full-time students.

Signers/Officer Registration Requirements

Signers/Officers will need to complete the following requirements for your campus organization's registration process:

  • All signers/officers listed will receive an email to accept their position and complete the 7 online Signer/Officer Agreement Forms
  • All signers/officers listed will need to complete the following COOL Modules & Quizzes
    • Student Center & Event Services COOL
    • Food COOL
    • Sorority/Fraternity Life COOL (Only for SFL Groups)
  • One signer/officer from your organization must submit your RCO registration payment.

*New Organizations*
In addition to the requirements listed above, please complete the following. Signers/Officers will be able to edit the organization information on CampusGroups until shortly after the advising session.  

  • At least two signers must attend New Organization Orientation. View dates for upcoming Orientations.
  • After attending the Orientation, the same two signers must schedule to meet with a COVP Professional Staff for a 20-minute advising meeting
  • New organization signers/officers will be able to edit the application content on CampusGroups after the New Organization Orientation, if necessary.  

Request to Change Signers

After the organization has been recognized, any authorized signer has the authority to request to remove or add other authorized signers. If a signer is removed they will be notified. Please be sure to speak with other signers before making changes. If you think there is a mistake, please contact our office. 

Our office will only process authorized signer change requests during the following weeks:

Signer/Officer Request Form is available now until January 22. Please check back for future request windows:

Winter: Week 10, Finals Week

Spring: Week 1, Week 2

If your organization plans to change authorized signers/officers, please review and plan for the following:

  • Designate one person on behalf of the organization to submit one request form.

  • If you plan to remove a President or Treasurer, please designate either an existing or new officer who will assume those respective positions.

  • Ensure that your organization maintains a minimum of 3 authorized signers/officers, and that all new officers/signers are currently enrolled UCI students.

As a signer/officer it is your responsibility to request to remove yourself if you leave the organization or if you are no longer in a leadership position. The new signers/leadership are required to re-register the organization for the next academic year.

Section 4

COOL Modules

Campus Organization Online Learning (COOL) Modules

COOL Modules: Click Here

Naming Your Organization

Naming Your Organization

RCO's may include "UCI" in their organization name for the purposes of georgraphical designation only. For example, "Anteater Stamp Club at UCI" is accetable, but "UCI Anteater Stamp Club" is not acceptable. The name "University of California" is property of the state. No Person shall, without written permission of the Regents of the University of California, use this name, or any abbreviation of it or any name, which these words are part in any way.

  • Click here for campus policies relating to the use of the University's name for RCOs.  
  • Click here for suggestions from Trademarks and Licensing.

E-mail and Social Media Accounts
Policies apply to your email account and your social media handles. 

Acceptable: anteaterstampclub@gmail.com and @anteatersstampuci
Not Acceptable: ucianteatersstampclub@gmail.com and @ucistampclub

How do I change the name of my organization?

Organizations can only change their name during the registration period before becoming officially recognized. Once recognized an organization will have to wait until the next registration period to change their name. Any organization that does not comply with the 70.40 UCI Organization Name policy will be asked to change it.


A constitution for your campus organization outlines your organization's mission, leadership structure, transition procedures, and other important information necessary for your organization to function. Campus Organizations can create their own, utilize a version from a national chapter, or use the sample constitution provided.

Sample Constitution

Section 6

ASUCI Club Accounts

Learn how to open an ASUCI account or process a check request. 

ASUCI Club Account Instructions

Check Request and Reimbursement Instructions

Note: If your organization does not re-register for 2 consecutive years then your organization forfeits any remaining funds left in the orgs ASUCI account.

Section 7

Faculty/Staff Organizations

A Faculty/Staff Campus organization is one that is primarily comprised of faculty and staff, where faculty and staff members hold office, voting rights, and signer responsibilities.


  • Be recognized by UCI as a Campus Organization
  • Access to open and utilize an ASUCI club account
  • Ability to reserve space as an organization

Important Information

  • Faculty/Staff Organizations do not receive discounted rates for Student Center & Event Services Room Reservations.
  • Faculty/Staff Organizations may not apply for funding from funding boards that are student-fee based.
  • Although registration for faculty/staff organizations occurs with Student Life & Leadership, UCI's Human Resources and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) serve as advisors and resource departments for these groups. Organizations whose purpose serves protected categories (i.e., race, gender, class, sexual orientation, etc.) have an opportunity to affiliate with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity for advisement and program support. Please contact OEOD (oeod@uci.edu) for more information.

New Organizations Process

New Faculty/Staff Organizations must follow the steps to be recognized:

  • Complete an online registration form
  • Have at least 3 signers complete online agreements and view the COOL Orientation
  • Attend a 20 minute advising session with COVP staff. (Note: New Organization does not need to attend an Orientation session).
  • Pay $50 registration fee