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Tomo No Kai (Tomo)

Category: Multicultural
Description: In 1977, Tomo No Kai, Association of Friends. Was founded as a Japanese/Japanese American social club for UCI students and Staff. It then expanded from being a social club and prides itself in being involved both culturally and in the community. Tomo No Kai members are encouraged to meet others of various backgrounds to develop friendships and support one another. These friendships are strengthened by different social activities such as bonfires, midnight fast food runs, and retreats. Tomo No Kai has also participated in events sponsored by various Nikkei clubs from other schools and throughout the UCI campus. Besides social participation, Tomo also promotes cultural awareness through annual events such as our Mammoth/Manzanar retreat and Cultural Night. Tomo No Kai also holds an annual Day of Remembrance program which commemorates and educates future generations about internment of the Japanese-Americans during World War II. At Tomos general meetings, guest speakers are occasionally invited to speak about significant issues pertaining to the Japanese American community. Members are also encouraged to attend JA conferences such as the JACL Youth Conference. Tomos dedication to promote cultural awareness is enhanced by their sister organization Jodaiko, who exemplify the performance art that is Japanese taiko. Tomo No Kai is the Japanese/Japanese American organization on UC Irvine\'s campus. It is a place where people can go to make new friends, hang out, serve the community, and participate in many more activities. Japanese culture is a large focus of our organization, and throughout each school year, we have various events that aim to enrich our members with Japanese-American culture. Some of our biggest events during the year are Ballin\' at the ARC (basketball tournament), Day of Remembrance (in honor of those interned), Cultural Night (a time to celebrate the beauty of Japanese culture), and our annual Mammoth/Manzanar Trip which gives Tomo No Kai\'s members a first hand look at an internment camp. Aside from our weekly and annual events. We work closely with UCI\'s Jodaiko (UCI\'s taiko group) and hope to promote Japanese culture and awareness.

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