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Belly Danceaters at UCI

Category: Creative Arts
Description: Everyone is a natural beauty. Sometimes the heavy load of study and work make us forget how beautiful we naturally are and how extraordinary we can always be. Time to change! Here, at Belly Danceaters, males and females, boys and girls, let go all the rules and norms that confine us, and join the mysterious world of ancient Arabic-style belly dancing! Express ourself in a creative, beautiful even sexual way! Never be worried about your movements and steps, you'll find a group of your friends who will always be supportive are right beside you. We are dying for members who are brave enough to break away from your past selves, who are courageous enough to accept your shyness and fear then let it go, and who are passionate towards dancing! Forget everything else and participate! Dance in public! Speak in public! Laugh in public! Be happy and bring happiness to everyone surrounds you! We can hardly wait to see you show up at our practice and get to know everyone of you! Join us and let us experience together, learn together and sharing part of our lives together in this charming world of ancient Arabic style belly dancing!

Our Goal: Belly Danceaters at UCI serves to promote the enhancement of physical, emotional, and social well-being of students at UCI through the ancient art of belly dance. Our goal is to help nurture self-esteem by encouraging self-expression through the dance, to help people become comfortable with their own bodies, make sure they are having fun while doing so, and to promote multi-cultural awareness and tolerance in our community and the world at large.

Our meetings are geared toward a variety of levels of belly dancers (so again, never worry about if you're not good enough! NEVER HESITATE BASED ON THIS REASON EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T DECIDED YET!) as well as members who would like to practice and have fun. We will hold weekly practice where we will learn belly dance history, steps&movements and belly dancing music at the same time! We will also host parties, fund raising and dancing showcases. Belly dancing is never an "isolated island", meaning we will be contacting with other types of dancers and having glorious dancing celebration campus wide, or even more!

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