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Health Guardians of America at UCI - HGA

Category: Fitness
Description: Health Guardians of America Chapter is a 501(c)(3) health nonprofit public health organization focused on addressing the most pressing health issue in America with sustainable, scalable, and measurable health outreach solutions. Our current health campaign called FITLIFE addresses the nationwide obesity epidemic by rewarding college students money for working out at the ARC.

Unfortunately, weight loss interventions have generally been unsuccessful in helping at-risk individuals lose weight and reduce their health risks. The high obesity rate in the United States has become the most prominent domestic health issue of the 21st century. Obesity-driven mortalities lead the nation's top 10 leading causes of death: cardiovascular disease ranks first, followed closely by cerebrovascular disease and diabetes. The annual medical cost of obesity is estimated to be $147 billion dollars in 2008, growing at 10% per decade.

Health Guardians America focuses on the behavioral aspect to incentivize, educate, and promote long-term healthy habits — reducing the probability of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes over a lifetime. We offer customized health programmes for college students and high school students using mobile technology.

FITLIFE is a nationwide health campaign against heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. We focus on primary medicine and prevention for sustained, long-term protection against leading chronic diseases and illnesses.

The goals of the FITLIFE program are to:

1. Decrease the obesity risk among youth and young adults to preserve longevity and quality of life.

2. Influence the appropriate lifestyle change and develop healthy decision-making at an early age.

3. Educate participants on the importance of sustained health management and self-care.

If you are interested in participating in our Fitlife program at UCI please sign up at:

Our Fitlife campaign is still brand new and its success highly depends on student activism. Currently, we have over 20 chapters and wish to expand to all major campuses across the nation.

If you are interested in being involved on the leadership team at UCI please email us at with your resume, transcript, and cover letter describing why you wish to join our nonprofit health campaign and how it aligns with your future goals and career ambitions.

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