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This search engine is designed to help students learn about clubs and organizations on campus and to contact them if interested in joining or working with these groups.

To search for ALL clubs and organizations, either leave search fields blank and press SEARCH or select ALL GROUPS from BROWSE menu.

When searching for specific organizations, a more generic (single word) search is recommended, e.g. if you were looking for a hypothetical "Anteater Stamp Club at UCI", a good search word would be "stamp" (whereas a poor one would be "club"). This would bring up a list of all groups with "stamp" in its name, e.g.

Abacus Stampede
Anteater Stamp Club
Stamp Your Feet Organization

If 2 or more keywords are used, the search would be more specific. For example, if the words "anteater stamp" were used in the search, only "Anteater Stamp Club" and other groups whose names contain both words would show in the list [techie note: SEARCH assumes AND not OR] .

Partial words and word fragments will work, too. For example, you could use "soc" for searching for any word with s-o-c in it, such as in "social", "society", "socks", "Socratic", or "windsock". This applies to the Description field as well.

Want to search by acronym or nickname?

If a group for which your searching is also known by an acronym, try entering the acronym without any periods, e.g. MEChA, PUSO, SHOUT, etc.

Can't find the group you want?

This web database has information for clubs and organizations currently registered with Student Life & Leadership. Groups sometimes fade out and become inactive or otherwise let their registration status lapse. Some student groups are actually University-sponsored programs and do not register as independent organizations and can be contacted through the sponsoring UCI department. Others undergo name changes and will only be listed under their new name (although we try to list them under their previous name as well for at least a year).

Want to telephone or visit instead?

The Student Life & Leadership Office is typically open Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm (PST/PDT), excluding holidays, university holidays, and special event days. You are welcome to visit, call, or write to us:

G308 UCI Student Center
Irvine, CA 92697-5125

Phone: (949) 824-5181 tel