UCI Campus Organizations

Tech Support

Section 1

NOTE : GOOGLE ACCOUNTS for student groups should NOT be affected by 1/25/2022 switch to require UCInetID login for Google accounts; however, a future transition may still be scheduled for a later date, TBD. Submit a help request if you encounter any issues.

What We Do

In 2020, many things have changed, including the kinds of technical support we provide to registered campus organizations.  Current services include the following:

  • we showcase and support organization-related campusgroups.uci.edu services
    • group web pages
    • group membership services
    • group emailings to members
    • group forms, e.g. event signups, elections, etc.
  • we sponsor groups for UCI Google accounts for email and G Suite services
  • we provide limited support for former clubs.uci.edu accounts with sponsored groups on UCI sites.uci.edu sites

Please see the Campus Organizations Technical Support History page for information about past services.