UCI Campus Organizations

Group UCInetID

Section 1

As part of a campuswide security improvement effort, UCI is requiring UCInetID Single Sign-On (SSO) logins for all UCI Google accounts.  Consequently, this means Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) will acquire access to the UCI Group UCInetIDs used to sponsor/create organization Google accounts. 


  • In mid-March, presidents/chairs of RCOs will be able to access instructions about how to migrate their organization Google accounts to SSO using new Group UCInetID credentials. President/Chairs will have approximately 1-2 weeks to obtain their credentials and/or change their passwords for their organizations' new Group UCInetIDs.
  • In early April, RCO Google accounts will start requiring SSO (UCInetID login) instead of the traditional Google account login. After SSO migration, RCOs unable to access their Google accounts can request help via our Help Request Form.


  • RCOs and individuals using the account are still subject to UCI policies related to use of electronic services. Annually, groups also agree to...
    • register their organizations with the Office of Campus Organziations and Volunteer Programs and remain in good standing
    • renew Group UCInetID / Google Account use to confirm continued usage of the account
  • For now, RCOs may also use additional campus services resources associated with having Group UCInetIDs, but access to any service or resource may be revoked or changed at any time at the discretion of university officials.  Such services include but are not limited to...
    • docusign.uci.edu
    • sites.uci.edu
    • uci.zoom.us
    • others


  • 3/14
    Instructions for RCO presidents/chairs available

  • 3/24-4/7
    RCO presidents/chairs retrieve credentials and verify Group UCInetID access
    • Retrieve credentials
    • Test login
    • Optionally, change password

  • 4/8 - 4/10
    RCO Google accounts switch to SSO
    • Standard Google logins stop working and SSO/UCInetID login required