UCI Campus Organizations

Tips for Websites Moved to Sites.uci.edu

Section 1


This page is intended to provide first steps on setting up your new website if your website content has been moved from clubs.uci.edu to sites.uci.edu.


All of the information below refers to the Site Admin Dashboard menus located at sites.uci.edu/sitename/wp-admin

Set Primary Navigation Menu

  1. Go to the Dashboard and select Appearance > Customize > Menus (or Customize from the top toolbar)
  2. Click View All Locations
  3. Select an option under Primary Navigation Menu. The site preview will update and you should see the navigation menu items change each time you select a different option.
  4. Click the Publish button near the top-left of the screen to save your changes.
  5. See Creating Custom Menus for more information.

Make Your Website Discoverable by Search Engines

Set Your Home Page to Display a Static Page or Blog Posts

  • WordPress has a setting to determine if your home page displays static content or your most recent blog posts. To change this setting, see the UCI Sites page on Static Front Pages.

Add & Manage Users/Administrators

Set Page and Post Authors

Unfortunately, the migration process does not preserve information on page and post authors.  If this is something that you care about, you'll need to set the authors manually.  However, you can make bulk edits on multipage pages or posts at one time:

  1. Add any authors as users of your site (see Add Users section on this page).  To be assigned as an author, the user must have a role of Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator.
  2. Go to Pages > All Pages or Posts > All Posts
  3. Using the checkboxes next to the page/post titles, select one or more pages/posts for which you'd like to assign to a specific author.
  4. Select Edit from the Bulk Actions menu above the page/post titles.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Set the new author using the dropdown selector.
  7. Click Update.

Read UCI Sites documentation