UCI Campus Organizations Internet Services

Apply for Services

Section 1

Use the CO Web Services Apply/Renew form to apply for services for the first time and renew your organization's services. Applications will take about two weeks to process fully, and your organization will be informed when all services are completed.

If you have questions regarding your current services, submit an Online Support Form or contact us directly instead.

Before submitting an application, we ask that you:

1. Verify your organization is registered

Before applying for or renewing a CO Web Services Account your organization must be registered with Student Life & Leadership (or granted equivalent status). Check your organization's registration status here.

2. Be an authorized signer for your organization

For security reasons, we ask that only authorized signers submit applications on behalf of an organization. Applications not submitted by authorized signers will be discarded.

3. Login to your UCI Gmail Account

We ask that you login with your UCI email (UCInetID@uci.edu) before filling out an CO Web Services Account Application/Renewal form so we can verify your identity.