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Our Services

Our Services

UCI Google Apps for Organizations

COWS provides UCI Google Apps services, including Gmail with a UCI email alias (e.g. orgname@uci.edu), to registered Campus Organizations upon request. 

Website Services

Registered campus organizations can obtain web hosting on our clubs server free of charge, e.g. clubs.uci.edu/ORGNAME.

We currently offer the following website services.

WordPress installation

WordPress is an open-source software you can use to create and design websites easily. COWS can install WordPress on any website on our clubs server for free.

Forwarding / redirecting URLS

Clubs can get a UCI web address and forward it to another website, such as the club's Facebook page or an off-campus website.

MySQL databases

We additionally provide clubs with mySQL databases. See below for more details.

Mailman Lists

Mailman lists give clubs a personal email subscription list, e.g. orgname-list@mail.clubs.uci.edu, in order to send emails to all subscribed members. Mailman lists are highly customizable and simple to set up. See our Mailman tutorials for assistance.

MySQL Databases

MySQL is a database management system that stores data for web packages such as WordPress and custom-built forms. We provide clubs with their own mySQL database upon request. Clubs can access their databases via phpMyAdmin, a web based database viewer and data manager. See below for more details.