UCI Campus Organizations Internet Services

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Section 1

General Questions

1. What is CO Web Services?

CO Web Services accounts is a service offered through the Department of Campus Organizations that provides all registered campus organizations (RCOs) at UC Irvine with web services and technology consultation at no cost to clubs. If you are a registered campus organization, check out the services we offer and apply (or renew) your organization's CO Web Services Account.

2. Can graduate student organizations use CO Web Services?

If your organization is not a Professional Graduate Organization (Law, Medical, Business), you are welcome to apply for any of our services. Professional Graduate Organizations, on the other hand, may have services offered through their respective school's Student Affairs division or their school's associated student government. However, we are still able to provide limited support for any services your school may provide - contact us if you have any questions and concerns. See the links below for more information.

Paul Merage School of Business
Merage Student Association
Merage School of Business Clubs

UC Irvine School of Law 
Law School Club Registration 
Law School Clubs 

UC Irvine School of Medicine
School of Medicine Groups and Organizations

3. I want to change officers/authorized signers or my organization's public search profile. Does CO Web Services manage these types of requests?

No, please have an authorized signer email campusorgs@uci.edu or visit the Student Life & Leadership Office (G308 Student Center).

4. How often do I need to renew my organization's CO Web Services Account?

CO Web Services is available to registered campus organizations at no additional charge, but you must renew your account each year AFTER re-registering with Student Life & Leadership. Then submit the CO Web Services Account Application/Renewal Form.

Website Services

5. Our website is hosted through an external provider (off-campus). Is there any way you can redirect our clubs.uci.edu web address to our external site?

A forwarding address is a great way to market your site with an official UCI website address, even if your club/org uses an off-campus service. Submit an COWS Apply/Renew Application and we will redirect it for you.

6. How do I transfer files to my club’s website?

See our tutorials on File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

7. Why is my website not loading?

If your website has WordPress installed, please see #10.
Otherwise, it may be due to an internal issue on our clubs server. Please contact us nonetheless if you find that your website is not loading.


8. How do I install WordPress on my club's website?

Submit a COWS Apply/Renew application and specify that you’d like to add a WordPress installation. Note that we can only install WordPress to websites on our server (clubs.uci.edu).

9. How do I edit my site on WordPress?

You need to access your website’s WordPress admin panel at clubs.uci.edu/CLUBSUSERNAME/wp-admin.php. Use the WordPress credentials we provided you to log in. If you forgot your credentials, please email us at cowebservices@uci.edu.

10. Why is my WordPress site not working? (404 error, blank site, etc)

This can be due to many reasons, but there’s a very high chance it may be due to a faulty plugin or theme you’ve downloaded. Please email us at cowebservices@uci.edu so we can resolve the issue. To prevent something like this from happening again, try to refrain from installing too many plugins.

11. Why can’t I log in to my WordPress admin panel?

This is probably due to an issue on our end. Please contact us if this issue occurs.

MySQL Databases

12. What is mySQL?

MySQL is a database management system that stores data for web packages such as WordPress and custom-built forms. 

13. Do I need to use a mySQL database to have a website on your server?

No, mySQL databases are not mandatory. Unless you're building your website from scratch, you most likely do not need a mySQL database at all. Most clubs without a dedicated webmaster choose to install WordPress to ease the website building process.

14. How do I access my mySQL database?

Use phpMyAdmin for clubs.


15. What is the difference between an announcement list vs. a discussion list?

Announcement mailing lists are intended to be used for announcements as the name suggests. Authorized senders will be allowed to send announcement emails to all subscribed members. Discussion mailing lists, on the other hand, are lists where all of the subscribed members are permitted to post on the mailing list. 

16. How do I add or remove an administrator / authorized sender to my mailing list?

See our tutorial on how to remove or add an administrator.

17. How can people subscribe to my mailing list?

See our tutorial on how to subscribe / unsubscribe to a mailing list.

18. I want to delete / deactivate my mailing list. How can I do that?

Email us!

Google Apps

19. How is UCI-Gmail different from standard Gmail?

Short answer: Google Apps is provided and administered by OIT. Additionally, your UCI-Gmail email alias will end with @uci.edu, rather than the standard @gmail.com.

Long answer: While registered campus organizations are considered distinct entities from UCI, the use of University-owned electronic resources is governed by the UCI Computer and Network Use Policy (see the COWS Terms of Service). Some organizations may prefer to continue using off-campus accounts and resources. UCI Google Apps is based on Google's Apps for Education service. OIT chooses which features will be made available.

20. We have an existing Gmail account. Are we required to use this new one?

No. You can continue to use an existing Gmail account, use both accounts, or migrate your current Gmail to UCI-Gmail.

21. How do I change my Google Apps password?

Use the UCI-Gmail Manage Account page.