UCI Campus Organizations Internet Services

Account Naming Policies & Procedures

Section 1


CO Web Services Accounts administers some services and relies on partners for others. Partners have their own policies, guidelines, and naming schemes. We will do our best to work with a registered campus Organization "Organization" to determine a name that is acceptable to all parties. No guarantees are made regarding availability or continued use. 

CO Web Services Account Services and Naming

See Service Limits for restrictions on the number of accounts, aliases, and names.


  • The primary Account Name chosen must be compatible with ALL naming policies. Contact us to check name availability/compatibility.
  • An Organization may only request a name change once per year. Changes are NOT guaranteed.
  • If you decide to use a service and do not have a compatible name (as determined by COWS), we will work with you to find one.
  • All Account Names must match on all Services (old names will be changed).
    • Aliases will be transfered if allowed and desired.
  • Aliases and nicknames must be similar to the primary name or unlikely to be requested by other Organizations (as determined by COWS). 
  • Examples of aliases/nicknames:
    • Website Aliaseshttp://clubs.uci.edu/core with web alias http://clubs.uci.edu/visitcore
    • Mailman Mailing Listscoreclub-members@clubs.uci.edu; additional list coreclub-officers@clubs.uci.edu

Historical/Existing vs. New Names

Some Organizations hold Account Names that do not conform to current policy. These potentially non-conforming names are considered "historical" or "grandfathered-in". If an Organization changes its Account Name it may not be able to change back to the old name. Names are evaluated with policy and guidelines in effect at the time of request.

Reuse of Names & Name Changes

Account Names are University property and may be reused or transferred. When an Organization changes its COWS Account Name the old name becomes available immediately. CO Web Services may consider an Account Name open if the previous name-holder did not re-register and renew with CO Web Services for a full registration period. We will try to contact the previous representatives to encourage re-registration and renewal, but maintaining "active status" is ultimately the responsibility of the Organization. CO Web Services will not knowingly share one Organization's data with another Organization without prior permission. While we try to keep inactive Organization data for a limited amount of time, this is not guaranteed. Data that cannot be archived may be permanently deleted. See Terms of Service - Data.

Web Hosting

    • Web Limits
    • "Clubs" web server
      • Exhttp://clubs.uci.edu/myClubhttp://www.clubs.uci.edu/myorg
      • Case-sensitive names allowed via web aliases.
UCI Sites
     web server (CO Web Services partnership with OIT)
    • Ex: http://sites.uci.edu/myclub

Mailman Mailing Lists on mail.clubs.uci.edu

  • Mailman Limits
  • Ex: myClub-list@mail.clubs.uci.edu; myorg-list@clubs.uci.edu
  • Lists must have a dash/hyphen character "-"
  • Examples of Mailman list names:
    • myorg-list@clubs.uci.edu
    • myorg-announce@clubs.uci.edu
    • myorg-discuss@clubs.uci.edu
    • myorg-members@clubs.uci.edu
    • myorg-officers@clubs.uci.edu
    • myorg-[something-else]@clubs.uci.edu

UCI Google Apps (COWS partnership with OIT)

  • UCI Google Limits
  • Ex: myclub@uci.edu (case-insensitive)
  • These accounts are subject to an additional approval process.
    1. CO Accounts receives the request and determines if the name follows the Email Address Naming Criteria.
    2. CO submits the request to OIT (or asks for an alternative name from the Organization) 
    3. OIT approves the request, grants the name, and sets up Google Apps (or denies the request and we try again).
    4. CO performs additional setup and notifies the Organization.

OIT @uci.edu Email Address Naming Criteria

  • Email addresses should be meaningful in a campus-wide context.
  • Addresses should not be easily confused with multiple services, departments, or schools.
  • Addresses should not be generic or ambiguous (e.g. "survey").
  • Addresses must start with a letter (A-Z).
  • Addresses may be up to 64 alpha-numeric plus hyphen characters [A-Z,0-9,”-”], characters, case-insensitive.

CO Web Services Accounts Advice Related to OIT Naming Criteria

Ultimately, OIT has the final say on naming. We will try to advise you beforehand, and will assist with coming up with alternatives. The more specific, Organization-related and (often but not always) longer your name is, the better. You also want to be original. Try doing a web search with the name/acronym and UCI/UC Irvine to see if others are using your name before putting in your request.

  • Search the web and social media to make sure your name is unique.
  • Avoid common or "dictionary" words.
  • Names that a UCI department/school currently uses or is likely to use (at the discretion of COWS) will be denied.
    • Important: If an Organization receives a name that a UCI department/school wants to use, we would have to turn it over to them. That is why we try to work with your org. to choose a unique name. See Name Ownership and Department Transfers.
  • 3-letter acronyms: many will be considered ambiguous, especially with common consonants and vowels (e.g. ABC, SBA)
    • If your Organization is really set on the name, we can try requesting it.
    • Alternative Examples: Anteater Band Camp "ABC"
      • Try the full name "anteaterbandcamp@uci.edu"
      • Try adding an "Organization-related" prefix or suffix like "clubabc@uci.edu" or "abcclub@uci.edu"
      • Try expanding one of the words like "abcamp@uci.edu"
      • Try using a few of the words like "bandcamp@uci.edu" or "anteaterband@uci.edu"
    • 4-letter acronyms are more specific, but may also be considered ambiguous.
      • We should try the acronym first if your Organization prefers it.
      • The examples above also apply.

Name Ownership and Department Transfers

Account Names are owned by the University and may be reassigned. All requests and appeals must be submitted to coreaccounts@uci.edu. If a UCI department requests a name in use by a club/org, it may be transfered to said department on a case by case basis. CO Web Services will notify the Organization's users, who will have fifteen (15) business days from the notification date to submit an appeal. After the appeal is received, CO Web Services may take up to thirty (30) business days to make a decision. All decisions are final.

The old owner will be allowed a minimum of fifteen (15) business days ("transfer period") from the date of the decision to share the new name with all interested parties.

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